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  1. Description Hibbertopterus wittebergensis is a very successful species of sea scorpion found on the lost island and can be found most anywhere, from shallow swamp pools, sandy beaches, and deep in the ocean. In-game appearance and abilities Hibbertopterus is slightly taller and longer than a trike and can appear in colors ranging from light brown to dark green. Average base health but makes up for it with natural dmg resistance. very high base weight for its size similar in points to a bronto can be bred and lays arthropod eggs very slow on land (faster than a turtle but slower
  2. that inflatable rex costume is pretty cool, but you know what would be even more cool? a summoner chibi
  3. I feel like I'm the only person here who thinks the delay was an act of god I have a spinal fusion on the 27th Now I won't miss the release all praise the holy walnut squid!
  4. Awesome! the stryder might be my favorite creature in the dlc. second to walnut squid of course!
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