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  1. Let's just hope they put it back up at some stage soon so my gennys on other servers don't run out
  2. I'm hoping they bring it back up I have summited a ticket, there was 2 small tribe official na servers numbered 104 and they seemed to have just deleted the server we were on, still no sign of it
  3. Because there was 2 servers with the same number 104 on small tribes and it kicked us all at the same time and wasn't there on the server list after, sorry should have stated that in the post lol. Hope I get some sort of help countless hours has been put into that character and 2 bases on other servers will be lost aswell
  4. Official server 104 has been deleted Server 104 val small tribes xbox official has been deleted with my base and level 105 character onit I'm the leader on a exc and rag server aswell my other tribe mates are also on that server that was deleted is there gonna be a fix??? Or am I done with ark lol
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