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  1. IF you're planning on holding an event this weekend (especially a NvN) shouldn't you send out some invites and stuff ?
  2. oh look its that guy again in your previous SOTF based post announcing Naughty vs Nice this was said Todays said this So does qualification for August's league get you in or not ? because that's going to be about what 170 players ? maybe 160 ? leaving you only 40 headroom to invite the "rest" ?
  3. I'm just going to quote this bit and respond, you guys are "stepping back" but THIS week between the end of the season and the playoffs you have made massive and in some cases quite ill thought out sweeping changes to the balance of the game. This is not "stepping back" its prodding things a bit and running away. Currently you have spinos worse in every single way and the "rex nerfs" amount to nothing in real terms but you also married this with crapping on tech and removing an item that no one ever saw as even a slight issue in FFA (metal shield). You cant have it all ways as an organisation you cant say "were stepping back" then make huge dramatic changes to balance between the end of the season and the playoffs its just madness, who does that ?? Also I like the idea that "we" can balance the game and if its good you guys will incorporate it, there I hate to tell you isn't a big enough "unofficial" scene nor can it entice the ranked play players to it actually test anything properly in this environment it just wont work, but yeah you cant "step back" and make massive changes at the same time its not how it works its really not.
  4. Interesting and thanks for taking time to respond. Interesting to see that it might be an issue for those that have downloaded SOTF standalone before, when has the "move back under SE" taken place ? is it already ? so for instance if someone watching me asks now do they need to buy SE to play sotf ? Just so I can be clear with them. We all get wildcard has no background in esports and you could quite frankly tell that but there were and maybe still are a lot of people who believe in this as a game the frustration/rants/etc come from what is a total lack of communication and engagement, I have over my time playing this game badly and streaming it got to know quite a large potion of the "pro" or at least the top 40/60/80 scene and honestly its always the same story no one knows whats going on, who is doing what and what will happen, we are as a group of people quite frankly mushroomed. your posts here are the closest thing to concrete information any of us have had in months. There are some quite simple things that are always avoided and never directly answered that could help a lot, for instance Is Macro feeding allowed ? in May we were told NO, an "eminent" streamer tells people all the time its allowed, this causes confusion with a huge portion of the community now using a macro and those of us who don't because of the advice given in May feeling a little aggrieved. How long will "money" tournaments go on for ? there is a constant rumour mill that ever season is the "last" season that its all on the verge of being over, some sort of defined limit/reasoning/length would help us immensely Again though this feeds into a lack of dedicated "SOTF" person on wildcards end, who sets up an "esport" without putting a dedicated person in charge of it ? its madness and that over bloated prize pool would have been far better for the game being pushed into a SOTF CM who had a bit of "marketing" budget to be spent, yes I'm aware I'm telling you guys again what to do which is a source of frustration but its clear to say (as you do yourself) the way you have been running it hasn't been working, if you compare it to the numbers h1z1 br has or hell even the culling its not a pretty picture, I think and I don't want to speak for wildcard you guys just assumed the follow through from SE players would carry it to success but SOTF and SE PVP Are very very different animals and appeal to different players. I get the link thing was an "oversight" but when you have 3-4-5k people watching a tournament and they want to get into the game only to be linked to a year old post talking about a mod then its really hard to get ANY follow through isn't it ? Interesting your opinion is that the game "hasn't changed much" but conversely we need another elo rest because of how much it has changed ? these two ideas don't seem terribly in line here. Then we get onto to the confusing wooley language bits that I obviously don't quite get whats being intimated, are you (wildcard) suggesting with this change that there are going to be no more survivor leagues ? are they no longer going to be the official tournaments because a lot of the rest of your post honestly reads like you guys are sort of done with it now and its up to us going forward now we have the dev kit ? I might be reading too much into it there, but this is how its coming across ? I'm not sure how much further wildcard can step back on a sotf front outside of the monthly tournaments we already see nearly nothing from you guys, apart from random patches that drop with random changes and no actual in depth explanation of "why" how much further can you step back ? There is no way a game like this can succeed without actual dev support or a community manger so I read that section as you guys "giving up" on sotf, now maybe I'm right maybe I'm wrong but more interaction, communication and greater feedback is whats needed here not less if you have to do something then empower people like the YGD guys and XPulZ guys but please don't go "welp its your problem not community" because that's entirely whats NOT needed right now. Unless of course wildcard is done with sotf, because you honestly don't "owe" any of us anything (monetary support or tournaments etc) but it would just be nice to know if this is the case or not in black and white and not spend the next month + wondering whats going on with zero communication.
  5. I should have worded that one line of my couple of hundred word post crossing multiple topics a bit better this is true, but your snarky reply to that one single thing and subsequent pretty appalling attitude is awesome from a community moderator and your dismissive attitude towards legitimate concerns about this game shows how endemic this attitude is among wildcard clearly. I mean you do get when you give opinions on here with the fact that your a "moderator" its quite easy to assume you're speaking for wildcard or at least representing them no ?
  6. Why bother posting at all if you have nothing to tell us ? "well I don't know but it might work like this" helps no one
  7. right well that's interesting, a guy uninstalled it last week, or reformatted his pc and now has to buy SE to play it ? all those people who downloaded and played a few games will have it free ? but some wont ? this is a shambles I'm afraid.
  8. so how does that work, everyone who has free to play sotf now has ark SE too ? its just not explained other than "its all going to be ok"
  9. Hmm interesting so now SOTF is no longer free to play what then for the people qualified for next weeks tournament who haven't bought SE ? I have to be honest guys sotf has been entirely miss managed from the start and it looks like this is either another rushed drastic move to "fix" the game or at this point admitting defeat and turning it back into a MOD no one played outside of the wildcard "events". Its a shame and honestly its one you guys need look internally for, the mod attracted a peak of 4000 players a PEAK of that hell that's less than 10% of the current SE population and has had ZERO outreach to the other "king of the hill" communities, where is the dedicated person to actually market this game and push the 65k being given away ? I saw nothing out of wildcard, hell the first season was entirely offline with vast swathes of the top 10 being removed on the final day for teaming/cheating. Your own twitch channel was still linking to a year old out of date SOTF post on steam, even during China cup how can no one internally notice these huge details ? I guess that's it a tip of the iceberg thing if you miss these huge details then it shows the eyes were never really "on the ball" with sotf to begin with. (click https://www.twitch.tv/survivetheark > click SOTF > a year old announcement is what awaits before the game was even a mod, or offering cash prizes, this channel is the "main hub" for wildcard and they cant even update a link ?? yikes) This game had a wealth of potential, it could have been there as something unique and it was slowly getting there slowly (just not in terms of player numbers) if you guys could have stopped making reactionary changes based on playoff games the meta itself would have developed over time but your constant instance on making these large scale reactionary changes despite these things being a CONSTANT issue day to day/week to week just smacked of not giving much of a crap unless you had 2000 people in your channel complaining about it. As for the elo reset, huh ? I get now the game is becoming a mod again (I guess ?) it makes sense as a lot of players will probably be free to play players and therefore will be stuck in the limbo of being on the ladder but not being able to play. You will never entice new players into the game if every single month the guy in his first game is getting absolutely ragdolled by previous top 10/40 players. elo should start to separate people by skill (to some degree) it should allow newer players to play against similar skilled players, every single month there is a week / 10 days of those players getting absolutely SMASHED out of sight, how many of them after 4-5 losses in a row do you think ever come back ? if the high ELO players could be kept away from them (no benefit in joining a 1500 lobby and a lot to lose) kind of like it is right now those newer players might actually get the chance to play and enjoy the game. Of course you could always force people to play a certain amount of "unraked" games or "unofficial" games before you can join ranked but that seems like it might be a fair bit of effort and that clearly seems to be lacking on the sotf front. Also who is deciding on balance, why is no one actually engaged with because I know a fair section of the top 20-40 SOTF FFA players and nearly all were absolutely mystified with the removal of the shield, why do you not want to have multiple options to win games ? why do you refuse to let people tech to compete ? just from a FFA point of view its just as much of an investment to level a rex and tame it as it is to tech up so why are there constantly reduced options for those choosing to tech ? Tech aside why have you decided to make the spino absolutely useless ? it had its place and it and the rex did quite a good dance of balance while the rex was more powerful in a straight up fight the spino was better at other things (running down players etc) and if it got its positioning right could indeed take out a Rex with a smart player, now the thing is useless, like carno level useless, why do you want LESS variation and skill in the game ? who decided on these balance changes ? who are they engaging with in the community before making the sweeping changes that no one actually sees as a problem ? and why do you do these things but let other things that ARE a problem linger on ? why is the metal shield gone but every FFA drop still has silica pearls, obsidian and BLOODY METAL ARROWS ??? why are these even a priority over working on dino pathing ? (oh hello you tamed 3 rex's say goodbye to 2 of them in the forest the first time they meet a small boulder). What was needed was less money thrown away for no return every month, take some of that money and employ someone who lives/breathes SOTF get them a marketing budget and a few anti cheat admins coupled with a "report this death/player" button in game clean up the rampant teaming and cheating, get someone actually pushing this game with huge monthly prizes to the other king of the hill communities and give us (the players) someone who actually TALKS to us, not like season where we had to wait what 5 ? 7 ? days to find out if there was even going to be a July survivor league and if ELO was being reset. Though this announcement really has the feeling of you guys giving up on it now... It makes me really quite sad to see the death by a thousand cuts of a game with such potential it really does, I hope you guys at wildcard can actually work out what you want to do with this game because it still seems like its all drifting in the wind here, surely you KNEW about the licencing issues before you took this game to standalone and free to play, if not who the hell is responsible for this sort of stuff internally ? yours, a very sad Stiffler
  10. I have to be honest if you're going to award money for that you are literally legitimizing their teaming and they will continue to do it EVERY single ladder game until the end of time if they cant get caught with 4000 people watching it they will never be stopped.
  11. Good Job guys, this was a much better way to end the season and generated some hype at the same time, with the vods for people to watch back should generate a bit of interest in this seasons league. Interesting decision on the 6 way tie too! I can never complain though It was sad we didn't get to murder each other!
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