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  1. IF you're planning on holding an event this weekend (especially a NvN) shouldn't you send out some invites and stuff ?
  2. oh look its that guy again in your previous SOTF based post announcing Naughty vs Nice this was said Todays said this So does qualification for August's league get you in or not ? because that's going to be about what 170 players ? maybe 160 ? leaving you only 40 headroom to invite the "rest" ?
  3. I'm just going to quote this bit and respond, you guys are "stepping back" but THIS week between the end of the season and the playoffs you have made massive and in some cases quite ill thought out sweeping changes to the balance of the game. This is not "stepping back" its prodding things a bit and running away. Currently you have spinos worse in every single way and the "rex nerfs" amount to nothing in real terms but you also married this with crapping on tech and removing an item that no one ever saw as even a slight issue in FFA (metal shield). You cant have it all ways as an org
  4. Interesting and thanks for taking time to respond. Interesting to see that it might be an issue for those that have downloaded SOTF standalone before, when has the "move back under SE" taken place ? is it already ? so for instance if someone watching me asks now do they need to buy SE to play sotf ? Just so I can be clear with them. We all get wildcard has no background in esports and you could quite frankly tell that but there were and maybe still are a lot of people who believe in this as a game the frustration/rants/etc come from what is a total lack of communication and engagemen
  5. I should have worded that one line of my couple of hundred word post crossing multiple topics a bit better this is true, but your snarky reply to that one single thing and subsequent pretty appalling attitude is awesome from a community moderator and your dismissive attitude towards legitimate concerns about this game shows how endemic this attitude is among wildcard clearly. I mean you do get when you give opinions on here with the fact that your a "moderator" its quite easy to assume you're speaking for wildcard or at least representing them no ?
  6. Why bother posting at all if you have nothing to tell us ? "well I don't know but it might work like this" helps no one
  7. right well that's interesting, a guy uninstalled it last week, or reformatted his pc and now has to buy SE to play it ? all those people who downloaded and played a few games will have it free ? but some wont ? this is a shambles I'm afraid.
  8. so how does that work, everyone who has free to play sotf now has ark SE too ? its just not explained other than "its all going to be ok"
  9. Hmm interesting so now SOTF is no longer free to play what then for the people qualified for next weeks tournament who haven't bought SE ? I have to be honest guys sotf has been entirely miss managed from the start and it looks like this is either another rushed drastic move to "fix" the game or at this point admitting defeat and turning it back into a MOD no one played outside of the wildcard "events". Its a shame and honestly its one you guys need look internally for, the mod attracted a peak of 4000 players a PEAK of that hell that's less than 10% of the current SE population and has h
  10. I have to be honest if you're going to award money for that you are literally legitimizing their teaming and they will continue to do it EVERY single ladder game until the end of time if they cant get caught with 4000 people watching it they will never be stopped.
  11. Good Job guys, this was a much better way to end the season and generated some hype at the same time, with the vods for people to watch back should generate a bit of interest in this seasons league. Interesting decision on the 6 way tie too! I can never complain though It was sad we didn't get to murder each other!
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