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  1. Egg Collector for console I think it would be cool to see an egg collector in the base game. A egg collector would make breeding so much easier and just collecting normal eggs for kibble so if we dont get to the eggs they wont spoil. Lastly you could just make it for singleplayer and/or unofficial servers so its not game breaking and it would really help people that play singleplayer.
  2. i have 2 females 30 foundations apart and one eats and the other won't pick stuff up off the ground
  3. Gacha's are useless i don't mean gacha's are useless but with them getting sad when near the same gender i don't really see a point to have them. WC needs to remove the sad on gacha's upvote if you agree
  4. Yea that's what i was thinking it's a pretty simple mechanic to put in on single player put may be a little more complicated on multiplayer but yea something like minecraft
  5. Being able to sleep through storms or night. It would be nice to be able to skip night time without commands and maybe sleep through storms but only for single player cause i don't even know how it would work for servers
  6. I was just about to make the same post and saw this you saved me the time.
  7. Keep Inventory Feature and FOV Slider for consoles You could add a feature where you could enable a option so that when you die you keep your stuff. The reason i'm suggesting this is because when i'm on a flyer and my game crashes i die when i load back in and cant get my stuff back. Also i would like to see a FOV slider on consoles cause if you use the fov command the spyglass is super zoomed out.
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