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  1. PRO's: Chibi was fun to get. Cons: Spelling mistakes on chibi's like Ovus.............. (YES some of us noticed) Presents should drop all at the same rate as it will give more chances of people getting a chance to get one then everyone going to the next as soon as one drops Also as most people said some of the Chibis where to common and some to Rare. Some of the loot became to repetitive (we mostly only got ghillie bps or a pike) what is not really as rare as made out in the news letter, few drops on extinction could give some same BP's. I was expecting like Quetz platform saddle or Fur Bps is my definition of rare.
  2. Also then some of us wont be able to play then either, as I don't fall in any of those regions
  3. I suggest you login to rag and see if your char has not duplicated. that has happend to me once and i was unable to transfer. you will then need to over wright the one on center in order to transfer again.
  4. I agree its not needed to bring in donations they got for kids. but I do agree that some form of time line would help as some OC servers cant even get connected to and most of us have the decay timers ticking down in our mind. As I am sure my own Rag base has quite few holes in it if not gone by now, as I am not even able to connect last 4 Days.
  5. DAY 10 of Baby Raising. My quetz found it acceptable for me to pod it and unpod it to classify it as walking. Then it was back to base maintenance I am currently putting up plant species up our base due to recent activity on our server. We already have turrets and Velo's around as well. Anyways we are starting our new batch of babies tonight what will be Rexes and Mana's hopefully I will have my quetzes done by the weekend.
  6. We are all waiting for some kind of info on what this event will hold or what time it is starting today or what time we will get any more information
  7. Rather disappointing that we didn't get any info on the event. I was really excited to something about fear of the event ( as some of us are already in Tuesday..haha) Anyone have an idea what time the event begins ?
  8. For some of us other landers it gets released at 12am haha
  9. we normally sit on a argie and whistle it to follow and then dismount it so the titan then cant wonder off
  10. I thought as much, it will be then on the same day as the event starts for me. I was hoping to see it before the weekend
  11. When do you think they will release the trailer?
  12. oh yes it would be cool if we can taxidermy the Dodo Rex!
  13. Is Extinction not a official map then? Just asking out if interest
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