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  1. Kiliki

    Baby Gachas

    Baby Gachas Would it be possible that they can be fixed so if you leave render they don't die? This is more about the game timing a player out or internet goes down. I just had a bunch die and have spent hours already just staying at the base trying to get them to juvenile. My service went down and poof they all died. From what I heard this used to be the case with giga babies. It was fixed. Can this be fixed with gachas?
  2. Thanks Bruno for posting. This is so frustrating the server been offline most of the day. I want to look for another server but am worried it will be same situation. This server is offline too frequently.
  3. Spawning On Genesis I have been playing on and off most of today and the spawn rate on Genesis is really terrible. Is this an issue with the server or too many tames out or what? Super frustrating since this is a 3x taming event.
  4. I also just noticed this. I tried to use it said I had over 12,000 days before I could use again??? This is really bad. I wanted to use this because everytime I use HLN-A to teleport something usually kills me instantly. While I am at it can the teleport dome actually provide some shielding while you are waiting for it to teleport you and maybe give you a moment when you land? I always end up under some animal. Which brings me back to why I need to use the mindwipe. I need more health and melee.
  5. Buildings Does anyone know the current rate of decay on greenhouse build items? Found older information and one that someone mentioned it had been changed to slightly less than stone. So would like to know what the current rate is. . I just spent ages on an official pve making a new base with a lot of glass and just wondering how often i need to be logging in. I know and agree with having decay timer but wish there was more time on some building pieces like glass to allow for more creativity. Thanks.
  6. Kiliki

    Merging Tribes

    Merging Tribes I was in a tribe that merged into another tribe. When I logged in I was still in the tribe that merged, as in it still existed. Can this be changed if someone is not on when the tribe merges into another, then all players merge into the new tribe? Thanks
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