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  1. Thank you so much for the information. So this leaves me with one last question, if the babies being born have 40/20 mutation on the Matrilineal side and 10/20 on the Patrilineal side, do I need to breed them with something else to get them back near 0/20, and what would that be, a fresh wild tame? Or can I keep breeding with the same chances of getting a mutation in their current state?
  2. Breeding Mutation Help Please So lets say I have two dinos one male, one female and they have the EXACT same stats and levels (grown together from baby from same parents). If I were to breed them, we will say infinite times, is there any chance that their babies can ever mutate into higher stats than what the parents currently have? Also, another scenario, if I were to take these same two parents again, same stats same levels, and level one up and increase the melee for example. Is there any chance that the babies will get any the higher melee damage, or will it always default to what
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