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  1. Been happening last 30 min 4 me
  2. Unoffical session Anyone else seeing problems not being able to join unoffical severs? Getting a time out but I've nvr had the issue b4. Ark ps4 unoffical
  3. Actually a tribe mate was able to get on finally at about 2am last nite..of course every baby we had out was dead.some grown dinos dead...no rollback of course....
  4. Severs down There gonna be alot of ppl that is gonna be pissed due to babies are gonna be dead due to outage. And I will be one
  5. There gonna have to do a roll back...gonna be alot of pissed off ppl that lost babies Val 1062
  6. No I'm trying find out wen be back open
  7. Mammoths red stripe Mammoths currently have random red strip???even tamed ones that didnt have and color
  8. No way a dino killed me..no way a player bc of pve...like i said I've played this sence day 1 I kno it wasnt starvation or anything like that
  9. I was inside in my hatchery were I log off every single night. I've played ark sence day 1 and havnt had this happen..especially pve.
  10. It's crazy. Guess everytime I log off best to put poop n a box cant keep loosin mc gear. The dinos I can breed
  11. Dieing while offline? I play valguero pve..Somehow I died while offline last nite..while inside base..lost mc longneck and mc tools and 3 baby Petra's and 2 baby rexs that was n cryos in my inventory. Anyone else having this problem???
  12. 1062 down I have 2 wyv 12 Rex's 2 spinos and rgs and pts babies all out!
  13. Small Tribe valguero 89 needs fixed!!!!!! People are making it unplayable!!!! Cant even join long enuff to move my character Pretty bad when I drowned on land!
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