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  1. As a PVE player and trying the changes I can say I am not happy with the changes to the Snow Owl. I can understand why PvP players want it, but in PvE it is hurting the actual use of the creature. I agree with someone above that perhaps it should be locked out of freezing enemies players and dinos, but not the wild dinosaurs which is hurting the great and fun mechanic/use it has for PvE.

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  2. 1 hour ago, BellaDonnaBlood said:

    Try doing Dino wipe and relog a few minutes later. Worked for me in single player, though it may take a few tries.. Hoping it works that easily for my private server lol.. Good luck everyone!

    Can confirm this does work. To make it work in the aberration zone you need to spend some time down there after the dino wipe for the game to realize it needs to spawn things. For whatever reason.

  3. Valguero Missing Artifact

    Playing in singleplayer, but I have come across an artifact that just refuses to spawn on the map which is the Artifact of the Cunning. I go to the location in which and spawns and nadda. Even waited around for 1 hour away from the console and it never popped. I am wondering if others have a similar issue.

    Other artifacts don't pop in immediately when rendering like the other maps. I have to wait around ten or so minutes before the game realizes oh yeah... this needs to be here.

  4. 13 hours ago, HotImportKnight said:

    Same issue, on PS4. The first 3 days I was playing I could get no dinos to spawn outside the small islands (zone I started in) and a few herbivores along the easy beaches. Absolutely nothing in the Chalk Cliffs or the entire rest of the map that I could find.  Dino wipes didn't do anything to help, until I tried doing a wipe and logging out of single player (sucks because of the bug that wipes my explored area of the map and map markers every single time....) and that finally got dinos to spawn in part of the white cliffs so I could find some deinonychus, but only about half of it. Kept doing wipes and logging out and back in and slowly more dinos started spawning around areas of the map I've visited. I now have it to where it seems like stuff is spawning normally around the map except for the aberration zone from what I've saw and where I've been to so far. About to do another wipe and relog losing all my map I've uncovered which sucks for the 10th time (I had this exact problem on the center for quite a while) and I see from searching the problem dates back 3+ years, so not likely to be addressed ever I assume.  Mentioned these issues in another thread days ago, but no one has mentioned it as of now. Another odd thing I noticed was the amount of brontos in the white cliffs area, the large flat section had to have almost 100 spawned at the same time one of the wipes I did...  

    Yeah the White Cliffs is one of the few areas I have with dinos spawned in and there is a definite overspawn of Brontos. I haven't seen a single Rex or Allosaurus even after multiple dino wipes. Singleplayer for this map with spawns is just jacked up all around.

  5. 15 hours ago, Jeffepic said:

    Aberration area is same no dino spawns on ps4 I posted about this but got no reply 

    I just tried looking in my aberration zone and the same issue. No spawns. So only less than half of the map has any dinos spawning for me.

  6. Certain parts of the map are just not spawning any dinos in my singleplayer world. Particularly from the middle to the north side of the map of the overworld. Just nothing. It is completely vacant. I have hung around the area for hours away from the console and still nothing spawns. I haven't checked the aberration area or the underground sea for the same issue.

  7. Item sorting no longer works

    Ever since the Valguero update dropped I can no longer sort items in the inventory of structures like the vault or within the tames themselves. It only works within the player's inventory. Playing on singleplayer in Valguero. I haven't tested or tried on other maps.

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