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  1. Can confirm this does work. To make it work in the aberration zone you need to spend some time down there after the dino wipe for the game to realize it needs to spawn things. For whatever reason.
  2. Yeah the White Cliffs is one of the few areas I have with dinos spawned in and there is a definite overspawn of Brontos. I haven't seen a single Rex or Allosaurus even after multiple dino wipes. Singleplayer for this map with spawns is just jacked up all around.
  3. I just tried looking in my aberration zone and the same issue. No spawns. So only less than half of the map has any dinos spawning for me.
  4. Certain parts of the map are just not spawning any dinos in my singleplayer world. Particularly from the middle to the north side of the map of the overworld. Just nothing. It is completely vacant. I have hung around the area for hours away from the console and still nothing spawns. I haven't checked the aberration area or the underground sea for the same issue.
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