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  1. This still needs to implemented, the Server is 1100 ping (Capped) as we speak and it's unplayable until a server reset. Get your stuff together wildcard. Configure the omega mod servers to reset every 24 hours.
  2. We've purchased a premium mod you've sponsored on your front page and we've stuck with only "The Island" for over 2 months now. Can you please add more Omega Modded Servers with the other maps please.
  3. The servers run great after resets for about 48 hours, you can slowly watch the ping climb day by day until its capped and becomes horrendous to play, Please Configure The Omega Modded Ark Servers To Reset Every 24 Hours.
  4. Still acting up can log breifly and will crash again. these are OFFICIAL pvp servers.. this happens Everyday for 2 weeks. any word on the issue?
  5. Your servers are gonna give me a STROKE! what is the deal, where can we get some input on why this is happening. Its an everyday thing and you keep removing or moving my topics with no answers and not even telling me where your moving them to! what is the deal with the official genesis pvp small tribe servers.. is it just the server i play ? NA-PVP-Official-GenOne-SmallTribes93 or is it all genesis servers. I paid you guys money for this dlc and EVERYDAY Multiple times a day the server go's to crap 255 ping for hours and constant rollbacks and loss of time and Items because of this issue!? Hello ? what is the problem.
  6. where do you guys keep moving my topic. cant find it anywhere with how you guys have your forums laid out. where do i post about server instability and constant crashing and rollbacks and 255 ping.
  7. Na-Pvp-GenOne-SmallTribes93 Down again any word on why this server keeps crashing everyday, rolling back, 255 ping. EVERYDAY
  8. Na-Pvp-GenOne-SmallTribes93 Can someone shed some light on the issues with the server. Everyday it crashes, lags terrible at times 255 ping, server rollbacks constantly. like What is the issue here? you just leave your players in the dark about whats going on. is it just unstable? is it a bug from easter event? whatever it is please Fix it or at least inform your playerbase what is the cause of the constant disconnects,rollbacks, 255 ping.
  9. Na-Pvp-GenOne-SmallTribes93 currently being DDOS i assume.. past 15-20 minutes nobody able to log.
  10. Exploiters Keep Crashing Official Pvp server NA-PVP-Official-GenOne-SmallTribes93 has been exploited past few days everyday, Please to send in a DEV to check out what's going on.
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