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  1. S+ Hatchery On Xbox One So, I have a question, will there ever be an S+ Hatchery Mod for xbox one? I really liked it when I first saw it while i was watching Ark gameplay on YouTube, and I was wondering if it will ever be added to xbox? If it will, it will definitively be extremely useful
  2. Fire And Ice Wyvern Eggs Not Spawning On Valguero Singleplayer On Xbox One So I play Ark on Xbox, and after I downloaded Valguero, I went into creative and also brought up the cheat menu, and then I went to the Wyvern Trench, and I was wanting to hatch a Wyvern the legitimately way, but the only problem was that the eggs didn't spawn, so I went into settings and changed the egg interval and breeding rate, aka I made to were more eggs are laid and that they breed more, but still no eggs showed up, does anyone know how to fix this? I cant find anything on it about Xbox or Valguero, it's either SE or Ragnarok, and its talks about after the Extinction update, so does anyone know what to do? I'd appreciate it.
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