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  1. I play on switch and don't have triangles. Only squares, which is disappointing.
  2. PVE and just single player.
  3. Base Designs I have looked all over YouTube and Google, but failed to find any bases that seem to fit me style. I would love some suggestions for future references. I plan on moving my base to the Hidden Island. Also, is there any way to get keratin fast for cementing paste.
  4. Also can you leave my a link of the wiki page. Could you also tell me where your base is now?? I need some base location help.
  5. Where is the hidden lake?? I have not heard of it.
  6. I like all the biome's expect the swamp. I hate all the snakes. I prefer to be near some metal and other resources. The base i'm in now is near metal, crystal, and obsidian. I have no wood near bye.
  7. The Island Base Locations Hi, I have been playing Ark The Island for about 3 months now. I have looked for the best base locations for single player, but have not find the right spot. Could you give me some base locations to build at. Thanks, HazyMage6
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