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  1. Complete server wipe with Genesis release! Do your best at fixing duping and meshing then reset all official servers. Pvp official needs it because of all the duping, pve official needs it because of the sea of pillars everywhere.
  2. I'm perfectly fine with a delay. I'm very excited for the Valentine's event personally, I have a bunch of baby Dino's ready for 2x maturation rates. Maybe make the Valentine's event two full weeks in light of the Genesis delay. Ark is an awesome game and I appreciate all the hard work put into making it! ??
  3. The people claiming that the only ones who knew about the server wipe were people who constantly read these forums are ridiculously ignorant. First of all I have known that Classic was destined to be wiped since it's beginning when it was announced as being SEASONAL. Secondly, I randomly check this site once or twice a week when I'm on the toilet pooping and that seems to be enough for me to stay more informed than most of the Classic game mode players. But the devs should have a timeframe for the seasons laid out ahead of time, that seems obvious really...
  4. Yes I know mods are definitely a pc niche. I'm personally not salty about lack of mods, I do however strongly question the legitimacy of some other practices. Events: console players can pretty safely bet that events are late or will not happen at all for them. DLC: if my memory serves me right all dlc's have dropped well after pc. Classic PvP Cluster: the dev company creates a new PvP themed cluster to encourage the (pc) player base to come together like never before. Yet consoles don't receive this interaction? Mods: I'm not the least bit upset that there are mods out there that we console players don't get. However the structure plus mod that we did get was an incomplete version of it. Granted all of these things individually are probably not too big of a deal but when I step back and look at it as a whole I can't help but ask why?
  5. Dude this is a web SITE. If you want someone to show you their sources of information you ask them to CITE their sources. Smh. That bugged me so much I registered just to teach you that, and you did it twice. Now then.. Listen pc's that play games well do cost a bundle of money no matter where you are on the planet. And how ridiculous is it that people are saying if you want to enjoy ark buy a pc? If a game is available on console and pc I feel that all versions should have the same level of quality. And if a dev company isn't 100 percent committed to providing the same quality product on all systems then they should abstain from releasing it on that system. Take the switch version of the game, they are so many updates behind, even the other consoles, that it's like they are in the middle ages or something and then there is the classic PvP cluster on pc, I mean do console players not want cool PvP clusters? Let's say you go to taco bell on the west side of town for lunch. You order some tacos and they come out just as they should be. The next time you get taco bell you go to the store on the east side of town. This time your tacos come with everything but the tortilla shell. Same brand right? Both stores are taco bell and both make tacos but for some reason one store just isn't living up to expectations. This is probably a bad metaphor but this somewhat similar to what's going on with ark on pc and console. Both versions are definitely ark but it seems that the console version has been sort of shoved under the rug like old dirt to be forgotten. I can't say that gaming consoles outnumber gaming pc's for sure but in my own experience they do. I know 20 or so gamers irl in my area. There were literally 3 of us with pc's. Everyone else has consoles whether it be Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo. If you're looking to game most everyone thinks of a gaming console these days I think. It's cheaper, easier, and chances are all your gaming friends will be there.
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