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  1. Support (Please Read)

    You're on Xbox? Did i mention I'm talking about Xbox servers i don't recognize any of those tribe names
  2. Support (Please Read)

    Thx for the reply, that's what I've been doing but no luck, which spot have you had luck at? Cuz i guess I'm getting crazy unlucky near blue obi
  3. Support (Please Read)

    Official Ragnorok cross ark 4, im guessing your not on the cross ark rag server cuz I've been asking and no one seen them... If you are can you let me know where you're finding them plz or let's work a trade
  4. Support (Please Read)

    Prim Plus PvE doesnt have any otters or ice wyverns either
  5. Otters Not On Prim Plus?

    Not on regular, been on the Island the Center and Ragnorok no one owns any or seen any
  6. Otters Not On Prim Plus?

    Bump...... waiting for my adorable otters
  7. A quetz, anky, and griffin stuck inside a glitched wall on the ragnarok map. any suggestions?
  8. ARK: Medevil RP server for xbox

    Im interested in joining the server GT Soulax90
  9. Prim+ SE servers? info plz

    Prim+ SE servers? info plz I may be blind but I cant find any information on if there will be any Primitive Plus Scorched Earth servers... I love the primitive plus and SE and I just wanted to know if they plan on combining the two. Currently on Primitive SE, but I miss the added building options.
  10. this server sounds great ill throw an add
  11. interested in your server ill shoot the add
  12. best xbox server Best Server On The Center

    Im interested in the server, ill be shooting u an add
  13. The Purge! 24/7 PvP (good for people who don't want to be raided) Is base raiding not allowed but PvP is? just curious.