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  1. Dumbest thing I have ever heard how about people stop cheating and leave the tribes who have worked hard to get what we have alone I have many friends on ark and if it got wiped we all would leave and never look back, bad idea how about if you want it wiped you go kill all your Dino's yourself destroy all your buildings throw out all of your stuff choose a new server and start from scratch even create a new character even start at lvl one with nothing again maybe you'll be more happier in life and as far as this stupid transfers being disabled because one idiot wants to writ a stupid post if you feel the need to dupe a character you are trash and should go play pixels
  2. 385 Being that they are wiping the server due to their own malfunction how can we submit a ticket to re coop all of our stuff
  3. Jaded20


    Maybe everyone should put in ticket after ticket until they fix it and get it back up
  4. 385 What's up with server 385 being down?
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