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  1. Alpha Terrorizing Server I began playing ark on PC 2 months ago and have been enjoying it thoroughly. I am playing on an NA PVP official server and have been growing and thriving. About two weeks ago, our alpha, who was quiet and kept to themselves, was gone. They were called Nightmare. The new Alpha is named New Age of Dynasty and is composed of both Chinese players and english speaking players. I am in a 2 man tribe at the moment and had built up a metal base with my friend and tamed around 25 dinos. The alpha destroyed our base one Saturday morning, and when I came on I asked them why they did it. My question was met with flaming and bullying, immature insults being thrown at me repeatedly. I was upset but ventured away and built a new base along with dinos. I have been trying to communicate with the Alpha just to see eye to eye, to make a truce, or something. I never get any of them communicate, instead they tell me to shut up and flame me. I don't know why I was attacked. I'm not even a threat to them, they are just trolling everyone on the server who are much weaker than them. Today, they attacked my new base and will not speak with me about any sort of ceasefire. I'm considering changing servers but I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who can help me to wipe these guys or at least get them to act decently. I don't like to call for vengeance but these guys have been nothing but mean and inconsiderate. The server is NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland35 and I am in the Tribe of the Cucks. Thanks for the help!
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