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  1. Perhaps this “new character” is none other than the “Beast Queen” herself, Mei Yin. She’s one of the only surviving friends of Helena, and she is a full on warrior, and she hates Rockwell for killing the majority of her people in theTEK village where she lived on Aberration, making her a likely character.
  2. Amphibious Dino/Platform Saddle A lot of people play PVP. So I was thinking about raiding, how difficult and expensive it is to built an effective F.O.B. without getting caught. That’s why platform saddles are handy, you just move the F.O.B. with you! But the Dinos with platform saddles are extremely large, noisy, and slow, and almost all of them are herbivores! Well, Mosasaurs and plesiosaurs are fast, but their water locked. And then I thought of amphibious tanks, how they can move swiftly on land and in sea, so I think a amphibious Dino with a platform saddle would be an amazing addition to the game! It also has benefits to PVE players. Just build a base on it, and you can live off the resources at one location, and when all the resources are gone in an area, just move somewhere else, wait for resources to respawn, then go back! I think a mosa with legs would do the job, and look good at the same time. It would need to be an end game tame, expensive saddle, and will probably get nerfed more than fliers and gachas combined, but it would be a great Dino to have in the game.
  3. TEK dodo saddle Can we get rideable dodos on all platforms? If so, could we have a TEK dodo saddle with flight capabilities?
  4. Weapons/gun attachments Can we have like a SMG? I think a small full auto gun with a 20 round capacity and low damage output but high rate of fire would be nice. Also, I think a akimbo attachment for the pistols could work, you could craft in inventory. You would have to craft two of the pistols together, no attachments, no zoom. For Xbox/PS4 you could use the right and left triggers to fire each gun individually.
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