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  1. Hello all fellow survivors, We are an established tribe currently seeking to increase our numbers further and expand to other servers. On the current agenda we are aiming to drop a large recruitment tribe the moment transfers open! If you’d be interested and have any questions please contact myself on discord at your earliest convenience! Discord: Ground Zero59#0140
  2. You need to keep in mind that all of our tames on Valguero are just that, tamed. They have zero mutations to melee.
  3. Transfers are enabled and have been for several days. Unfortunately nothing was actually done regarding the massive amount of duped Dino’s, structures, ammo, etc. We were wiped off extinction by a large mega sub tribe who had endless amount of duped resources. You can only do so much when they throw hundreds of meks and gigas at you with unlimited supplies.
  4. What about the dedicated storage boxes full of structures, turrets, bullets etc? That’s a lot of soaking.
  5. The majority of game development companies do put games threw several testing stages, closed beta, open beta, etc. This are all critical steps in order to ensure upon release that the large majority of bugs and exploits have been patched. Not everything will be discovered immediately or even within a few months of testing, sometimes exploits and other glitches will not be found for 6-12 months, possibly even years down the road. What is the deal breaker for these exploits and bugs is that control measures immediately be taken to prevent further exploitation. Honesty among players in the community can also be benifical but in survival games such as Ark that is uncommon depending on whom you choose to associate yourself with. Damage control is also very important but in these situations without directly involving the developers moderating and monitoring every single server it is very difficult to eliminate all of duplicated Dino’s and resources. Not everything has an assigned serial number or I’d like our specimen implants or Dino ids, at least I do not believe. A lot of it can come down to investigating or even at times pure speculation without hard concrete evidence. I do believe in some form form of reward being given to players who out of concern for the community and integrity of a game come forward with any exploits they’ve discovered as opposed to using them for their own personal gain or disruption of gameplay for others. Alas not everyone is like minded as we are and they intend to use anything they possibly can to get ahead of the rest.
  6. Yes they did thankfully, but damage has definitely already been done. If their aim is to prevent further duping they could still have ark data enabled and transfer that way, they just need to prevent transferring items on your character. Easy enough to classify all items as non transferable just as they have tributes and element. Now that they’ve taken preventive measures, we see how damage will be controlled. A lot of players are signing petitions and suggesting that all official servers be wiped, others want to continue issueing bans and wipes for duping, some recognize eventually the economy and servers will recover but that will take s prolongned period of time. Other than a full server wipe does anyone have any ideas how to completely control damage? I personally enjoy starting fresh from scratch and resetting breeding lines would make things much more interesting. I see no way other than that to control damage and still allow for item transfers between servers. If you only allow transfers threw ark data it’ll be very difficult to infiltrate fully Locked down servers on raids.(If every single drop spawn in blocked and you can’t spawn in with c4 or Dino’s in your inventory we will be dependant on developers to ensure tribes do not block every single obelisk and drop.)
  7. I’m currently in process of organizing a tribe to drop on Valguero upon release, provided wildcard does not open transfers until servers are either are either rolled back or wiped the new expansion will remain unscathed from the current state of affairs. The empire is definitely strickibg back as we speak. Nothing is clear at the moment, I’m sure everyone’s is awaiting a response to the mass duping all tribes and alliances are doing at the moment.
  8. Unfortunately wildcard will have no control over that, they’re system will only process that as the connecting players GT. Yeah I feel you, our tribe leader is stepping down due to it and going elsewhere. I intend to simply stand my ground and continue to play legitimately until I’m fully wiped. My gigas are ready for war, just need to finish my quetzals and I’ll start bombing and despawning everyone’s duped resources and Dino’s. Going to popcorn everything I possibly can.
  9. Things will only escalate now that the method has gone public though. Every single tribe is duping to basically survive. We have to do something. If we can disable transfers until it is resolved that will prevent further duplications and people with mass amounts of duped items hidden in mesh and elsewhere can be identified. I have two separate servers I play on aberration and extinction so disabled transfers will effect my greatly but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.
  10. Temporary fix to duping on xbox Good morning fellow survivors, It’s come to my attention that the ability to duplicate items has been released publically on almost every mega alliance discord. I have zero interest in this and just finished 100% imprinting my first giga, well actually 3. The last thing I want is to be wiped by a mega alliance with hundreds of duped structures and meks. It is very hard to make a decision like this but would anyone here and support start potentially consider temporarily disabling server transfers on Xbox? That is the only way I can possibly see to stop these massive duplications until Microsoft can interveinn and help wildcard resolve this issue. If anyone else has further suggestions please post here or if this is incorrect section please direct me to proper forum.
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