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  1. -DEVS- I think it goes w/o saying that the event loot drops (baskets or pumpkins or event thingys) definitely need to have their rate increased... I mean why get hyped up for a halloween event that I searched relentlessly to obtain 3 graves... I mean I dunno about other people but I get STOKED when I know an event is coming up but I really feel like these last few events were so lackluster that I really doubt I'll ever get excited for another event (unless you'd increase the rate and people could get some pretty cool stuff and not the sort of loot we've been getting and the scarcity we've had.).
  2. SO , no dodorex or anything like that on mobile when does the actual event start? i've been searching around midnight game time for pumpkins and nothings there? 10/29/19 @ 11:00am (supposed to initiate 10/28/19 @ 12:00pm).
  3. SO , no dodorex or anything like that on mobile
  4. my tribe owner has been inactive for over 220 "ark days" and I accidentally left tribe thinking i could have my tribe mate re add me but I forgot to promote her beyond grunt (i'm an idiot, a nice idiot that you should help. i'm playing the pity card lol). but um...the house i built...my tames... everything is rendered unusable now and i don't know what to do? PLEASE HELP thanks for reading. Ark mobile btw. Paralyze server (medium pvp)
  5. please help (inactive tribe leader) I play on an official pvp server (Paralyze MEDIUM PVP) and my tribe owner has been gone for over a week and I accidentally demoted myself to grunt (DON'T DRINK AND ARK!) and I can't do anything really, it's wildly frustrating. I THOUGHT after 7 days (real time) elapsed that the only remaining tribe member to log on would've been promoted to owner; yet that doesn't seem to have happened. I love this game, it's where all my problems go away (insert sob story I raise four children some idiot didn't understand the value of, and I'm on the spectrum, ect;). Can anybody save me? please? help? sos?
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