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  1. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    Thank you for the information, I honestly didn't know the logistics of it so thank you. Also, I do agree with your issue with the Giga. I have over seven Rex's in my tribe that are all level 45 minimum, oh course they're primarily just for defense, but my 204 Rex along with my Spino and Yutyrannus combined gather so much meat that all three of them get encumbered purely on meat if I'm not careful as to how much they kill.
  2. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    I'm honestly not entirely sure myself but I'm pretty sure that it affects the amount of damage inflicted by all tamed dinos (theres a different setting for wild dinos and players), but oh well. Maybe I just lucked out with most of my other creatures and their damage stats.
  3. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    That's okay! It was just a miss understanding! I do have a question for you, what exactly is the melee % of your Barry? Almost all the replies here are more than likely based from official, or near offical settings. For your 177 Barry to have that high of damage you must have some settings adjusted! In which case it's exactly like you asked from the beginning, there's not much of a point in taming one if you have it set in a way where you can get Dino's that rival what the giga offers! I think he simple meant, he wished it just showed the overall damage. Instead of a % on the stats screen. Yeah, thats what I meant by an inconsistent stat. I wish it would display its actual damage per hit as opposed to a percentage that is only comparable with other members of its species. But thats not important. The damage state for tamed Dinos is altered on my server when I accidently set it to max and forgot the default setting. Its only at 0.3 but shouldn't that also affect the Gigas damage?
  4. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    It's not the % I was talking about. I don't like the fact that the percentage isn't a consistent state for all creatures but oh well. The Giga I have at Level 207 does about 710 damage per attack while my Baryonyx (level 189) does 690 or so. Thats what I was referring to, I realize that I didn't explain that well when I typed this,
  5. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    Okay, this is just a reply to everyone saying to breed Giga and imprint on them for higher levels, or anything along those lines. Yes, I realized that last night after I made the post that imprinting on them is probably how to get a Giga with really high damage. As I said above, its the first Giga I've tamed in two years since I've had so many data wipes over the years and I have never tamed more than one at a time because I never got that far. The main point I had with this post was that a standard Giga was a bit to underwhelming for what I thought it was going to be. I didn't expect an over powered monster, but I expected something just a bit more powerful than it actually is. Call me a nood or low tier player or whatever, I don't even breed dinos accept for Quetzals and eggs to tame Titanoboas so I don;t know that kind of advantage a breaded Giga could have.
  6. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    I just have to find it or DestroyWildDinos and I can get another one to spawn. The reason I at lest feel that it's glitched is because I got a low leveled Giga killed and it never re-spawned. I searched around the entire world for over an hour and never found it. Entering the command fixes it though. I'm not going to just be that person whos like "Its the games fault for glitching!", but I just have unusual spawn rate glitches, especially with Megalosaurus.
  7. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    I figured that breeding them could get one with higher damage, I'll explain breifly that I have some weird glitch where only one spawns at a time regardless of settings, weird glitches is nothing new to me. But what I wanted to say was I'm not talking about the percentages, my Baryonyx does 690 damage per hit while my Giga does 710.
  8. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    I've tried adjusting it but no matter what its only one Giga. My game for some reason has glitches that no one else has experienced. Nothing new to me.
  9. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    I understand that but that's simply not something I need personally. I already have a refrigerator full with only meat and my Rex, Spino, and Yutyrannus are all encumbered with it as well.
  10. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    I already mentioned I only play single player.
  11. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    I thought that maybe breeding Giga would get better stats but I guess the issue is that only one Giga seems to spawn at a time in my world. I've been around the entire map three times over before and after entering DestroyWildDinos and I have never found more than 1 Giga, so that causes issues with taming two to mate them.
  12. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    I didn't say their health is terrible and yes they do damage, but that upgrade just doesn't seem like enough to me over high leveled Spinos and Rexs.
  13. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    No, I have the Damage Indicator on. I realized I typed something incorrectly, my Baryonyx does twenty LESS damage than the Giga, but thats still not a lot. The Baryonyx I have does aboyt 690 damage per hit, the Giga does about 710.
  14. Whats the point in taming a Giga?

    Yeah, mine is currently sitting in a cavern near my base just to keep it away from all my other dinos. I'm honestly not even going to use it for anything, I just use either my Spino, Rex, or even my Baryonyx which all server combat roles better than the Giga.
  15. New Weapon's

    Yeah we need more weapons in this game. Maybe a Simple SMG based off a Thompson or MP40 or something that weighs a lot but uses cheap ammunition to act as an early game fully automatic weapon. Later on a Fabricated SMG that does more damage than the Assault Rifle but does this purely off of a rate of fire rather than damage per shot. I image that it'd be modeled after the Scorpion EVO or Vector SMGs. Adding in a SAW or MMG would also be pretty cool. A SAW could use Assault Rifle ammunition and require a 100 or 200 round belt, but has a lower rate of fire. Or an MMG could work by using Sniper Ammunition but doing less damage per shot than the sniper rifle. I could go on for a long time but I'll just leave it at this for now.