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  1. We are a small tribe of around 10 looking to expand our numbers ready for release day and the new PvP Official cluster. Currently we consist of members from the UK and Australia but we are looking for new members from all over the world, although we will most likely being playing an EU server. Potential Recruits must: Be 18+ (We will consider 16+ if you can prove to be mature) Speak good English Have a mic 500+ hours on Ark, preferably on official PvP (again, we will consider players with less hours but only if you can prove to not be a Bob) Most of our players are having a break from Ark atm but I was hoping to get a few of us and any recruits to join a high rate unofficial server so we can play a little together before release and get to know each other. Anyone interested can PM me on here, or add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198039319065/