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  1. Well anecdotes are not data, but it looked like a mixed bag. The servers I frequent were definitely busier because everyone who could manage to get off Island servers did. I've restarted with a new character so I don't have a transmitter yet and server crashes were knocking us out of the sky. My plan today is to load up my inventory early and wait for the beacon next to my rollrat pen.
  2. I just can't see how this will create any new paid customers. The people from Epic are getting a terrible experience and the people who paid and pay again (gladly) resent having their servers destroyed. For the most part my interactions with the Epic people have been miserable. They're complaining, demanding help and free stuff and telling us to f ourselves because they're ruining gameplay. Actual conversation US: "Hey we're not handing out free stuff or helping anyone right now, we're losing years of hard work." THEM: "Get a life losers. We got a free game!"
  3. I can't understand why this Epic roll-out had to coincide with an event. I do understand the need to have new blood and revenue, but the people who have supported the game for 5 years shouldn't have been shut out of their own servers by an influx of people who got the game for free. Yesterday was a disaster, people lost eggs and babies because of the crashes and jammed servers. Epic users certainly had a bad experience and Steam users felt shafted. Our Island server is particularly welcoming to new players, we have a village for new players to get on their feet and a public hatchery and c
  4. You do realize that console gets new content after it's released on PC?
  5. Random Chibi Resets Anyone else having random resets on chibi levels? It's happened to me four times and there are others on my Official server experiencing the sane bug. The latest incident happened this weekend and wiped out four levels, going into fifth. Very Frustrating.
  6. Can't See Servers Morning All, I have a strange issue and I was hoping the community could shed some light on it. I main on Island 80 and have two small outposts on Extinction 504. Since Sunday I have been unable to transfer to 504 and some other servers that I had marked as favorites. When I manually enter the server information into my transmitter or an Obelisk I get "Session Not Found." Friends on my main server can see these sessions. I verified the game files in Steam and then uninstalled/installed the game and the issue is persisting. I transferred to a random server this
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