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  1. Only thing that changes the tame rate is soothing balms. They are free from artifact tributes 10X, or bought in the store: minor 3X or Major 15X
  2. Are you just starting out? The first ones are mandatory/instructional
  3. Recoil

    Free gift

    I do believe I got my ASC one from a free gift.
  4. And it has poop in its inventory?
  5. Force tame isn't apart of mobile, even with god console.
  6. Any word on upcoming creatures? Any word or rumors about new creatures being added to the dungeons? I'm kinda hoping for an Ovis.
  7. I'd go with a saber, but your best option is a cave direwolf because they can wear helmets. So grab an OP cave direwolf implant and revive/tame it, and get a solid helmet BP and you'll go through most caves with ease.
  8. It's totally up to you and how you plan on playing your game. I have it for single player and don't use it unless I got cheated on a resource or something or for testing. It's nice to have but can def cheapen the experience. Grinding is part of the game and makes things feel better building/making it. The god console is sold in US Dollars. The increased price is just an adjustment for your local currency.
  9. Yes, I'm positive. If one parent is eerie and one is non eerie, the baby will come out normal. There is a rare chance that two eerie parents will have a non-eerie baby.
  10. It says higher quality loot crates. Anyone get anything notable during their runs? All pieces have a chance to drop JM or just the helmet?
  11. If you knock them out do you get extra levels? Is this on official/un/single player? I haven run across this yet. I would def submit a help ticket. stupid question, are you saying it says revives wild or you actually have tried to revive and you have to knock it out again?
  12. Recoil


    Please submit a trouble ticket and give them a chance to fix it. Requests are addressed in the order they are submitted. The game saves automatically, so if it is crashing the rollbacks are the last save point. It might be people trying to dupe or exploit the system. Please explain the best you can to them so they can help.
  13. Why no Loot drops on singleplayer? Why aren't there any beacons or supply drops on singleplayer? I see it on multiplayer. PC/Console has them on singleplayer. Has this been addressed or reasoned by the devs?
  14. Recoil

    Metal rocks

    They should be respawing. I had some issues with the volcano mountain. It feels like about 6 in-game days to fully respond. I'm not sure if it helps but a tidy save might reset the respawn timer.
  15. On Tuesday afternoon it will always be blank. That is the time they are updating the newest dungeons. Just be patient it’ll come back when it’s fully updated
  16. For a medium I found this one to be pretty hard. Megas and deadons eat armor. Got a JM rifle though.
  17. Yes, on multiplayer online you are allowed 10 IIRC for normal, 12 for primal pass, per tribe mate. So for Primal pass 1=12, 2=24, 3=36, 4=48, 5=60. So if you are PP, it needs to be you plus 4 other people. Tribe owns 60 slots, you own 12, but everyone can use the Dino’s/tame more till you hit the player/hard cap.
  18. Does the Tek Rifle drop higher than Primitive?
  19. The overall level is based on total points in each stat, not just the melee stat. So your 423 and 403 gigas have the same melee but another stat will be higher. Or those points could of been wasted on movement speed. It's all random.
  20. Are blueprints limited on Ark Mobile? Are blueprints limited to a certain number of crafts?
  21. Does the chest piece drop higher than primitive? you make it look easy, but is this boss hard in your opinion? Looks like if you aren’t careful you get pushed into the lava.
  22. Recoil

    Alpha Raptor

    If you can’t kill it, I’d recommend just kiting it away. Drop all your gear and go on foot. Agro it and lead it to a safer location. Preferably at a lower elevation/stuck in a natural boundary. You will die several times so don’t bring tames or gear. If you can afford the slots you’d be surprised what some low level trikes on aggressive can do.
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