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  1. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Engrams Your welcome
  2. I thought they were awful, but I'm old so what do I know
  3. Have you emailed steam support?
  4. I happy to pay £30 for 2 dlcs, hundreds of hours of gameplay.
  5. I think new stuff is good, I don't mind paying if it adds something we don't have.
  6. I don't actively look for tek dinos, just eat them on meat runs, only for the electronics really, that's why the rex
  7. It's situational really, I don't think there's one overall best. There's a best for bosses, best for mining, best for collecting stone, etc. I think some dinos, (anky, doedi) are essentials at different levels, although the flyers do, I think, have the biggest effect on the game overall.
  8. Ah, that'll be why, I had the same problem and must have done the same thing.
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