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  1. Oh, ok just let me get Genesis, hop onto a server and then tame me up a good old pteranodon thenI'lljustflyonovertowhicheverbiomeIwantanddosomebarrelrollsalongtheway because there's nothing stopping me from fly......oh....wait.
  2. You mean mean artificially limiting everything else so that you are forced, whether you want to or not, to use the Dino's the way they want, rather than being open ended and letting the player make up their own minds. Genesis has no good reason for limiting flying, unless maayybbeee you take into account the ending, which is basically just an extinction drop pod fight btw. Aberration did it better. I didn't buy this DLC, and I'm not going to buy it. I'm complaining because I see ark on the edge of losing what makes it a great game, so I'm not only voting with my wallet, I'm giving my feedback
  3. Aberration had a reason, a pretty good reason people could get behind. The way flying is restricted in genesis is just lazy design. Although the end game might explain why everything seems so lazy, this was a horrible way to do it.
  4. I'm sure they're open to discussion, it's too bad they've faced nothing but excuses whose sole purpose is to say "it be how it is." Lol
  5. I only buy Ark games, Genesis is an imposter and I will wait for the real Ark to show itself before I open my wallet.
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