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  1. Im torn, i hate that you cant fly when fliers are about. but that kickstarts a very underused feature of mobile bases.
  2. I recommend against buying this dlc
  3. it be different if they didnt spawn or get their own new skins.
  4. there disabled we know that much, really like to throw the guy who suggested that during design right out a window, and i hope he reads this too.
  5. 458 is also down and being listed as pve. It looks to be a enforcement
  6. key word, SURVIVAL! Tribes are gangs, get in one or get narced.
  7. they are chasing off one of the friendliest server communities with this lack of information.
  8. Probably gm scrubbing the duper off the server. Sweating are we?
  9. just one of the many 545+ gigas being sold now can handle 25 and even 50k solo.
  10. you need base defense in PvE regardless if the threat is player bound, step it up
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