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  1. Bulbdog fall Hi everybody, sometimes, my bulbdog fall of me, someone know why ? Thanks !
  2. Did it was attacked by a wild dino or did you attacked a wild dino before leave you, and did it was in attack your target ? If it was, so it returned attack this wild dino !
  3. Ok thx, what map the tek hover skiff ?
  4. Best dino weight Hi everyone. What dino can have the best weight? Thx
  5. Ok but it will be boring, it must have a solution to let the game in french ?
  6. Dont find atm. Very boring. May be wait the next update with the good language. I have verified the data of the game with steam but there are no changes !!!
  7. So perharps is the download server that we must change, i choose japan and not french...
  8. Problem cryopod inventory Hi everybody, since the last update, i can't see dinos stats in cryopods, i have this when i pass over my mouse, sorry for my bad inglish ! And i have the same issue in cryofridge or fab or elses ??? Thanks !
  9. Serveur TheIsland 331 always closed The serveur is closed since the update, what happend please ?
  10. And my server is down since more 24 hours, it is boring :
  11. Server 331 is dead? Hi there is 24 hours that the 331 theisland is off. Hope not dead because we have all on, characters dinos and stuff. Thanks for your answer....
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