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  1. I knew that much. I have a little trick up my sleeve... I'm playing on mobile due to moving, so, no net yet for updates, and single player. I have the God Console and Primal Pass. So, here's what I do. I lure the critter into a trap structure that also keeps other dinos from hurting it, knock it out, put time down to 25% feed a metric butt load of venom, and then level it in God Console in its sleep. These actually count as wild levels. I've done the math and I can't control the leveling, so, wild levels. It's one lvl at a time so it takes ages to get to 20,000 (Thank God for taming efficiency, so I usually only have to get them to 14,000), but you feel accomplished when it's done. I have two females and a male done this way, but the babies are all level 900-1500. I'm thinking that the problem is that their stats are similar — average in everything but melee. Maybe I need to find some that focus on different stats. Is that my issue? Thanks for the response, by the way. Also, could these mediocre babies be used to somehow breed up to 20K?
  2. Where do babies come from? So I have two level 8000 (wild levels; knock em out and level them. It works and counts as wild levels. I've only encountered problems when leveling this high, producing level 200 sabers from cats that were low level til I used this trick.) sabers. Yes, I have ascendent creature unlock. Now that I've max leveled them, they're both level 16,000. I want to breed a pack of ultimate sabers that can rip down anything in the game. They both do over 2,000,000% damage and I'm getting bowties for DPS. So, I bred them. Level 624 baby. Why? How do I fix this and get bad bois (and girls) like their parents? Also, is the baby's max possible level from one or both parents? I have some other females I haven't sent on one last glory ride on Death Island yet. If I breed Dad to them, could I still get, possibly, what I'm looking for? I figured it was poetic to use the baby bits as part of my next mission: Taming a Giga or two to tank, so he still protects his family in some form. I even accidentally found one when I restatted for guns over melee, so I have one waiting for me. Edit: I'm single player, obviously. You don't get that kind of stuff on multi, plus, I have always played vidya to avoid humans, though I'm sure you're all lovely people, I'm more of a loner, that's all.
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