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  1. and again, everything is down
  2. first servers coming back guys! get ready!
  3. u guys know all servers are cross-platform...?
  4. "You may notice issues with joining servers"
  5. well, we all know they don't care... but maybe we can try reporting the issue: http://ark.gg/outage
  6. cuz the whole ark network is down
  7. Looks like! Always nice on a weekend!
  8. Aaaaand again not even CLOSELY enough servers... ridiculous!
  9. Dear Wildcard, if you want my money for DLC then you should acutally make it possible to play the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not possible as all SE servers are full... haven't you learned ANYTHING? I can easily tell you how much official servers you need... anyone can do that... WHAT THE ACTUAL ****!?
  10. WILDCARD PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE SINCE RELEASE OF GEN 2. Seriously, DILO!? Everyday we have SEVERAL server crashes... and you just laugh. It is official servers - it is your damn duty to fix this.
  11. Still serveral crashes every single day... since the release. Official Server. It is just so rediculous that you not even care a single bit. Wilcard - Customer is KING!
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