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  1. I hope August 12th is a dungeon with the new creatures added into them. We’ve been waiting for a while now.
  2. Ikr. It would also be nice f we could change the UI. Be able to make the boxes bigger and switch the ones placements of the god console options. I’d like the killing option to be at the bottom, not right next to the lvl up option. Accidentally hit the kill option on a few occasions, killing a Dino I was lvling.
  3. Because it’s from last year. There’s literally no point in commenting.
  4. God console quicker resource option Can we have an option to get resources faster in god console. Click and hold the resource and a box would come up. Then you’d enter how much you wanted. It would be so much better and quicker than having to repeatedly click the resource. Since one click is only 200. It would be helpful when building large projects and you need a lot of resources.
  5. Arkmobile123


    I’ve only done the swamp dungeon, but i’ve watched other people do the others. It seems like the easiest to do imo, even though it says it’s hard. Just use bolas and get good armor/weapons. It’s not that hard to beat. The boss is easier than the dungeon minions. (On hard btw)
  6. Save the file, then delete the current save.
  7. Arkmobile123


    It isn’t in the game yet. I’m assuming they’re going to add it to the next dungeon.
  8. Newest Patch Didn’t Fix The Invulnerability Bug Title. The bug isn’t fixed. Why would you guys release the patch saying it’s fixed when it’s not? Didn’t you test it?
  9. I’d be fine by me. There’s no reason not to.
  10. We’re talking about dungeons, not the caves...
  11. You can use bolas on some mobs to kill them. I do agree that we should be able to use god console. I mean, it’s just single player. Just us. No one else, unlike multiplayer. It’s not giving us an advantage over anyone else... They could do that, but I guess it would be *too much work* for them to do. They haven’t even fixed the invulnerability bug yet and it’s been, what, almost 4 weeks? They’re either slow AF (which isn’t the case since they’re adding content every week) or they’re just incompetent devs.
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