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  1. With all the bugs, and the lack of honest support I can't see myself buying the season pass. Transfer do and don't work, if we lose a tame due to poopty code it is replaced with a random stat lvl 150....you know what we have. Our toon has a unique ID, and the unique ID of tames is associated with them....just pull up what we had last and replace it fairly. Scoarched Earth crashes like every 20 min for me, and I've sent in a ticket...which was closed as fixed, but it's not fixed. This is how you kill a good game and a supportive community. You are honestly becoming no better than those at EA, and Bioware.....both used to be great till they started not caring. I will be supporting Bethesda, CDProject, Microsoft studio. It's really sad to see this happening. If anyone else agrees with me, please say something
  2. How about fixing the transfers so I can go to my other bases to feed babies
  3. Bases and land allotment should be limited in total width which would force people to build taller, but also stop the use of pillars for land grabs.
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