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  1. I agree on the point that we should be able to learn any engram on a character if we got the map for it without transfering the char.

    It's is so easy to lose a character by transfering... and the sad part is, you need to prove that you had tek engrams unlocked to a GM, or they dont give a crap of your loss when losing a character is always 100% fault of WC :)


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  2. 2 minutes ago, UnfairPepi said:

    What should I do to my baby then now that it's kinda useless that i can only lvl 24 times lol

    Do you reccomend that i kill it

    oh its your choice... you can use it to mate with low lvl partner, to try to pass the important stats for you, and then either keep this one, or kill it ye..
    if you manage to pass HP STA WEI DMG to a new baby, and OXY FOOD is lower, it might get lower :)

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