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  1. Fed up of offical servers? too boring and grindy?.......Welcome to the Ark Weekend Purge Server, on this server everyone is welcome. Rules: Raiding is only allowed on the weekends. XP is on 6X, Taming is on 6X, Breeding on 20X, Resources on 3X. Offline raiding is not allowed............. the map is the centre so there is plenty of room for you to build big bases. There is an admin base which is also used for players who less experienced and don't want to get raided too quickly. There is also a little community village for all the people out there who want help starting up .Server restarts ever morning to fix lag if any is occurring. Message "Korrupt Enigma" if you need anything. Have fun 🙂 Want a Wyvern or rock elemental? Special dinos will also be on sale/trade for in game goods, so you big tribes out there best get building if you want to be top dog. 😉 There will also be special events where each tribe can compete for rewards, the harder the challenge the better the reward.
  2. ARK Digest Question Submission

    Will we be seeing the "Indominus Rex" introduced to ark, this would be so cool to see, it could give the "Giganotosaurus" something to worry about. If not we will see any dinosaurs like the Indominus?