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  1. Potential for Season 2 DLC Greetings! I was unable to come across a suggestion like this from my searches so I checked to find a suggestion area and boom, here I am. Today I wanted to talk about a potential for 2 different DLC packs that seem (at least to me and a small minority I have asked) as though it would both be an exciting project for the devs and for the community. Since the first selection of DLCs were end game scenarios (Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, Extinction) I really enjoyed their base attributes of surviving them. The features that made each map unique allowed players to think creatively in their base building and movements across maps, also allowing the menagerie of creatures to be varied and interesting to the players. So my suggestion is this! For a second DLC pass but with only 2 DLC packs in it. As far as naming I haven't really gotten this far as it would require an underlying level of development to go into it, but I thought that for the next batch (should more DLC come) the DLC should be 2 maps with completely different methods of travel and exploration. Imagine 2 new maps that made half of the current creatures unable to be used, meaning that the players would need to be using the majority of the new creatures in these maps for base travel and movement. The first map could be something akin floating islands, using flying creatures you have will give you an advantage however the new options amongst cliff scaling and gliding creatures have many open possibilities. The second map maybe to counter this would be a map situated entirely under water and even though you can have your normal aquatic dinos, you could never survive the depths if don't learn to interact with the abominations from the deep. I felt the concept would be a good following that could keep the creative juices flowing since there are not only plenty of creatures that can be added via research and scientific conjecture to keep the dino nerds interested, but also allow dev creative juices to flow in creature design as well. After all we did get an underground/subterranean DLC (I loved Aberration). I feel like if this isn't already being worked on that it was a good idea to suggest. Thanks for reading, have a nice day EDIT: I just added tags to organise this post better, along with spelling corrections.
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