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  1. They arent wiping the regular official servers. Just the begginer servers which are always wiped every month. Its so new players cant build up and not have to worry about getting wiped by people who have been playing this game for years when all they have is a stone base
  2. Looking to join a mega tribe on xbox pvp official. Are there any mega tribes recruiting on xbox pvp official. If so add my discord my username is theshinydino#0679 Or message me with my xbox gamertag Theshinydino55
  3. Im solo but would me with a single megalosaurus with 15k hp and 400% melee damage, prim saddle and no imprint, and no points in movement speed be good enough to get the rock drake eggs?
  4. The one I would be using currently has 20k hp and 400% melee damage and im still leveling it up, would that be good or do I need to upgrade it more?
  5. Getting rock drake eggs with karkinos So I was wondering if there is a good and easy way to get rock drake eggs with a karkinos on official. If there is a way what stats would I need on the karkinos, also I only have primitive saddles
  6. I know that I was swimming in very shallow water but I dont know if I was going in and out of the water
  7. Also I forgot to mention that it was on an official pvp server but was not killed by a player or turrents
  8. Sarco instantly dies of nothing While swimming in the water on a sarco in the bog on genesis my sarco was instantly killed. It wasent killed by a dino or player and in the tribe log it just says "your sarco lv144 was killed". It had plenty of food and was at half health when it died. Does anyone know why this happened???
  9. Is it possible not to cut the web when going into first person to look at your map?
  10. Xbox bloodstalker controls and tips Hey guys, so I tamed a bloodstalker and wanted to try to get back to my base with it. I couldnt. The controls were very unusual and hard to get used to. Also there was this thing were anytime I went into first person to check my map the bloodstalker would detach itself from the web or surface it was on, doea anyone know about how to prevent that? Anyways could someone please type me a list/guide for all of the bloodstalkers controls on xbox? And any tips you have for using bloodstalkers would be appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Biotoxin or narcotics hey, i have been playing for awhile and when im taming and need to raise somthings torpor, i normally forcefeed it biotoxin because it raises more torpor and you dont need as much biotoxin as narcotics. However i still see many players and alpha tribes use narcotics instead. Is there a reason for this or is it just not very many people know about it.
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