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  1. so many noobs whining and crying in here. great job, keep up the good work wildcard
  2. z4rk

    what if

    what if ark took place on present day earth instead.. would it be as good?
  3. i wonder what a purlovia would taste like.
  4. what will be your server settings? also pve or pvp?
  5. gta has it all. racing, shootemup, flying, destruction, chaos, open world.. i love ark too tho XD
  6. dont get back on it. be free from addiction.
  7. z4rk

    How i can trade?

    ive been waiting months
  8. favorite dino colors turkey trial event colors are my favorite so far yellow red black
  9. z4rk

    not new but

    not new but hi i played on private for a long while then finally moved to official a little while ago on valguero own a tribe of three we just started doin bosses also raising random dinos. raised a bunch of gigas so far. im just writing this to get into trade forums XD
  10. definitely go for the baby dinos. or juvenile XD
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