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  1. Unfortunately, I have to agree. Although Ark is my favourite game by far, the developers don't care about the player community much and completely ignore people who experience any issues with the game, as they couldn't care less. They haven't made it possible for Mac users like me to play Valguero yet, and so I submitted a ticket sometime ago and yet I still have not received a reply. This is truly frustrating that such a great game has such a bad support team.
  2. Make it available on Mac soon please! We are waiting.
  3. Help..! Can't Play Valguero Hi, For the last few days I have been trying (in vain) to play Valguero. No matter what I do, whenever I try to load the map it freezes on PrimalGameData_BP and then 10 minutes I am taken back to the the main menu. Yes, I have installed the Valguero map manually, yet it still does not work. Additionally, I have reinstalled both Steam and Valguero, tried playing with and without mods, and restarted my computer many times and I am still unable to join. It is check-marked in my DLC list in my library along with Ragnarok and The Center, and I have "unchecked" it and let it reinstall that way. I have searched online and found many others with a similar issue. Again, I have reinstalled Valguero twice from the Steam store and it still does not work. (Note: I am using a Mac).
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