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  1. Unable to connect to friends dedicated server. I'm unable to connect to my friends dedicated server from anywhere but his home network (we don't live together). My NAT type is open, I'm able to connect to official servers, and overall have no other issues with connecting. However his server doesn't appear on the list, and others who do live with him are able to connect easily, and I was able to connect whenever I was over today. Any ideas why this is happening? We are trying to understand the whitelist to see it that helps, but it's a bit confusing. I can start to join from the friends menu on xbox, and on my pc, but it eventually says "Join Failed" Any tips or solutions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Force kill? I can't connect from my PC either, not just xbox. But I can connect to official servers without any issue. If you're referring to just quiting the game, then restarting I've done that many times =\
  3. I've tried restarting the xbox, and it doesn't seem to help. It's odd, but when I restart the game, the first time I'm trying to connect it seems to make more progress connecting before it gives me the error message. He restarted the server to try and get it to show up on the list and that didn't work either, but I'll ask him to completely exit the game on his PC then relaunch it and the server to see if that works. Thank you for the reply! Any other tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Can't find friends server on list, and get "Failed Join" error I'm not able to connect to a friends dedicated server. I can't find it on the server list at all, and when they send me invites, I just get the "Failed Join" message. The server is dedicated and password protected, but both the account running the server, and others on the server have sent invites, but when I accept them it starts to load, then reads PrimalGameData_BP, then gives me the "Failed Join" message and boots me back to the main screen. The server is being hosted on windows 10, and my friends are connected from consoles, however this error is happening on both console and pc for me, so I can't connect either way. I've checked my NAT type, firewall, and anything else I can think of and nothing works. I'm also able to connect to any public servers without any issue, so please help! I'm desperate to play with my friends! =D
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