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  1. What is your steam name: Darius , (I can change it to 123 if its nescessary) what timezone are you in: Ankara (GMT+3) What is your Discord #ID?: Execore#7284 how old are you?: 22 do you have experience? (don't need a lot): 1500+ hours in official servers I played with big tribes, I know the drill how active can you be per day? (1-2 hours minimum): minimum 3-4 hours to 10 hours in a day what makes you a better player than other players applying for this tribe? I am loyal to people Im playing with, and always want to keep us to the
  2. Hey, Im 22 year old ark player currently I have 1.5k hours in official pvp servers. I am looking forward to join a tribe, I played in mega tribes before, I know how the drill. I have 106 level character with all essential tekgrams. if you accept me I would so glad, I can do daily tasks. and I want to ask, do you allow people to have its own stuff dinos, gear etc. ? I use wechat and discord as well. / Discord id : Execore#7284 -thank you.
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