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  1. My dumbass was too tired n too much of a hurry to drop them into a cryofridge n left them on my body
  2. Yea, I need to get tribemates, since I'm solo rn
  3. Rescinding my Boycott, Good job Wildcard! Keep it up! I must say Wildcard, I am impressed with what you've done. For the last few months I have called for a boycott on Wildcard because of the issues with the game, I wasn't going to buy the new season pass untill my expectations had been met. Well.. they have been met, not exceeded unfortunately, but good enough for me to say, "Good job on fixing the game up some more!" So I rescind my call for a boycott. They clearly are getting their poop together for the most part and I'm happy to tell them so! Keep it up Devs and GMs! Yall are doing great!
  4. TIRED OF BEING DC/DB ON WAVE 5 (EXTINCTION) Ever since the update I've tried 5 different times to do either a OSD or Ore Vein... AND EVER SINGLE F****** TIME AS SOON AS I COMPLETE WAVE 5 AND I GET OFF MY GIGA IT EITHER DISCONNECTED OR DASHBOARDED!! Only does it to me after I complete wave 5 and get off my giga... it's like it knows!!! This is why I refuse to buy the new season pass or ANYthing new from this game studio! They wont even fully fix the bugs in the current console versions! And untill this is fixed I wont! It's been long enough, they've known about this for a long time, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! FIX THIS! And dont even try saying it's my internet or my system, ITS NOT!!!
  5. Raptor Spawned INSIDE my base! Merry f****** Christmas to me from ARK! That's how it felt when I logged on today and got the "Your Dead" message when I had laid down ON A BUNKBED, INSIDE MY METAL BASE! So somehow this raptor spawned in my base OR a certain a****** is griefing me AGAIN. I lost at least 6 giga babies with 525 Melee at 70% and a bunch of other good stuff... so yea someone tell me plz ... Did that raptor spawn in my base somehow Because ARK is retarded like that.. OR... did someone somehow kite and mesh it into my base... because if that's the cause I know exactly WHO it was.
  6. I've already submitted a ticket but I want this to get fixed as soon as possible. And I truly hope I don't get in any trouble for this as I completely did it on accident. And I am not going to explain the process I went through of how this happened as I don't want this to become a more widespread problem but I hope the admin see this and get ahold of me ASAP so we can get it figured out and fixed and hopefully I can transfer back so my gigas won't die. Cus right now I'm freaking out that I might get banned for something I had no control over...
  7. Was able to get back in by transferring to another server then back... still lost everything I had on my character though... luckily no dinos, just ascendant riot gear, and a 298% shotgun
  8. Just got kicked from my SOLO tribe on 1063 So as I was trying to log off right before the roll back it I guess it or whatever and kicked me offline and when I came back on everything on my character was gone and I had been kicked from My Tribe on extinction which I am the only member of so yeah I really hope I can get everything back wild card I would really appreciate it considering how stocked full my base was there
  9. BOYCOTT! It's been an entire month enough already! I'm not giving another Cent to Wild Card or any of their affiliates until they enable transfers again! They have the funds and time to release a season pass and an update but don't fix the duping exploit or enable transfers again. But PC users of course can still do everything, even though they're probably where the bug originated from. This is beyond ridiculous people are losing dinosaurs and entire basis because of this and many are even quitting altogether. If they can't get this figured out soon they're going to lose a large portion of their player base. I'm not going to even bother buying this new season pass until they can prove that they've got this crap figured out I'm not spending 20 or more dollars on a crappy product when I've already spent over 70 for this one that they can't even fix! I call for a boycott for all PS4 and Xbox users until they enable transfers again! Who's with me!? Hazzah!
  10. Because that money went to Genesis. They had the time to do an update AND release a new season pass... nothing this simple should EVER take a month to fix!
  11. When will they enable transfers again??? ENOUGH ALREADY!

  12. Xbox Boycott untill transfers enabled We've waited over 2 weeks for this to be fixed! Ive lost many dinos because I wasn't able to transfer some cryo fridges to other servers so my cryopods went poof! They said they would fix it in a patch.. well they had the time to release an update, and pre access to the new season pass.. but NO FIX TO THIS CRAP?!? Well I REFUSE to buy ANYTHING untill they get this fixed! I can't even transfer some kibble over to go tame abberation dinos because of some lil punk @$% cheater?? So your gonna punish everyone for a few bad eggs? Yeah real nice! I say Xbox users and PS4 users BOYCOTT the new season pass untill they get this crap fixed! Who's with me? 2 weeks is more than long enough to patch this crap!
  13. DNGAFF! How bout you guys hurry up AND FIX THE DANG TRANSFER ISSUES! Ive got dinos and whatnot I NEED to transfer back to my main server! BEFORE THEIR TIMERS EXPIRE, and my cryopods go bad!
  14. Well I was smart enough to screenshot everything he said. I'll definitely take a video of the area... I'll even try to engage him in dialogue again to get him to start threatening again. Like I said b4 I've been nothing but friendly towards this guy, I even offered to help him and be his buddy. But ya... obviously he's a dumb little hick, just like his name suggests lol
  15. If you want that'd be awesome lol Abberation 662 coords are close to 37 65 I believe. It's by the river. He has a charging station boxed in too i just remembered, if you PM me I can tell u his Gametag (I got in trouble on here for saying who it was once before, guess you can't publicly call out your bullies here) but ya ive tried to befriend him ive tried finding other tribe mates of his to talk to...and nothing.
  16. I actually tried that route! I told the guy hey if you remove those dude you'll be gaining a really good friend here I'll be willing to help you out whenever you need it and not to mention you can use my trading resources that I have it's better to make a friend than an enemy and he was like no screw you get out of here or I'm going to destroy it and I'll come to the island and destroy your base there too. And the moron doesn't realize I've got half of my server at least! more than willing to go to war to have my back. I make friends not enemies I'm sure everybody can agree that is the smartest choice anyone could ever make making enemies for no reason is just pure stupidity.
  17. Hey thanks every1 for not being a douche like every1 else. I've submitted 3 tickets now WITH coords, and screenshots. I'm gonna file again under Griefing though. I didn't think of that route so thank you to whomever suggested that. I just wish people would use what they SHOULD HAVE LEARNED in kindergarten and preschool... but not everyone is educated... or raised right in that regards lol
  18. Still no response from support! So about a month ago or so I built a base on aberration to farm metal, overnight a tribe named NinetyNineProblems came in and pillard Me In (1 tribe member in particular) to where I couldn't build anything outwards and only had a 8x8 space to work with, when I asked the kid why he did it and if he would remove it he started to be a little prick and threatened that if I didn't remove my base he would destroy it and my other bases whenever I came online. Since aberration usually is very sparsely populated anyways my server rarely has more than three people on it at a time but this kid just has to have all of the land to himself. So I went and filed a support ticket to see if the game managers would do their jobs and remove his pillars so I can build and be able to actually play the game the way it's supposed to be (kids like this little prick should stick to their own private servers and leave the people who have RESPECT FOR OTHERS alone!) Anyways I filed that ticket a month ago and never received a response two weeks after the incident I filed another ticket still to no response so it's good to know that when little punks like that do crap like that there will being nothing done about it making this game just a bit more unfun then it already is it's getting to the point where I'll stop playing and won't bother buying any more DLCs. They can't make the game fair for everyone and they can't fix the simple bugs and glitches that we already have what's the point? To have everything we work for messed up by some little selfish Punk? ITS A PVE SERVER FOR CHRIST SAKE!
  19. I've filed 2 reports now, 1st was when it happened, 2nd time was a week later, they STILL haven't responded. So ya good job GM's! Going after people who aren't doing anything wrong but allowing this kind of BS to persist
  20. I did report it and haven't heard a single thing back, and no I'm not boasting that I'm griefing, I'm proudly stating that I'm not allowing some jerk to push me around, and that I can be worse if people wanna play that way, I don't put up with bullies. And to let people know what a Dbag this guy is. He's getting a fair chance to play nicely, ALOT more than he gave me.
  21. NinetyNineProblems (Tribe) just got 1 more problem! So the other night a buddy of mine and I went over to aberration 662 to set up my personal mining base. We get down to the metal area and find a nice spot right next to the water and not too close to anybody else, but apparently too close for the Tribe NinetyNineProblems. He came over and pillared me in! I tried talking to him and asking him to remove them I even tried to show him where I was going to put my gates up to assure him I wouldn't be near his base and I would give him his space. And he basically told me to f off. I'm not even close to their base but yet this A-Hole felt that he needed to come and pillar me in completely making it impossible for me to be able to build outwards. Yes I guess I should have pillared around it off myself when I laid it down, but I never thought anybody would come and mess with me like this considering it's a low population server. But coming over and pillorying off somebody's base because you feel they are too close when I am nowhere even near his base is complete BS, especially when his base has a charging station blocked off completely in the only way you could get to it is with the rock Drake. So what did I do about all of this? That moron didn't tell her off around his own base so I have taken the liberty of doing so and while I'm at it I've also started putting down gates to block him in. It shows how intelligent this guy is starting problems with somebody he doesn't know for no reason and forgetting to protect himself from retaliation I'm sure we all could agree we would all rather have friends than enemies right? So why go out and make enemies for no reason other than you feel they are too close to your base... People need to realize this is a game about building and people are going to build right next to you and if you can't learn to share you have no business being on this game but then again kids are spoiled little brats these days and don't know how to share... I blame the parents. I never want to have to go out and do crap like this to somebody but if you're going to mess with me for no real good reason I'm going to retaliate twice as hard, I'm a very reasonable guy and I will always to talk things out first but this guy didn't even want to give it a chance. Well now we'll see how long it'll take for him to want to take those pillars down when he can't even get out of his base to Farm. Not to mention I've got quite a few friends that are more than willing to come over and give me a hand putting down war bases around him so if he really wants to start poop he really should think of the consequences. He really has no idea what hell he could bring down upon himself. All he has to do is come to the negotiating table and it could all be over. So yah watch out for the tribe NinetyNineProblems
  22. Charging station boxed in on Abberation 662 On aberration 662 the tribe known as 99 Problems boxed in a charging station and not only this charging station but also boxed in my base even though I literally had just built it last night leaving me no where else to be able to build but he also has boxed in a charging station which is why I think the developers need to remove his base because even when I asked him nicely to remove the pillars and to unblock the charging station he was very rude and basically told me to go f myself it's crap like this that honestly makes me not want to even play because of immature a-holes like him (gamertag Hick Boy 53).. I'm not blocking any spawns... he box me and just because I'm too close to his base
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