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  1. Hi, I can’t wait for the new map! Also, there’s people who payed 20 dollars for the God Console and I’m one and somethings like Invulnerable button isn’t working ever since you guys made the new 2.0 update, (which I love btw). BUT PLEASE FIX GOD CONSOLE, we paid for it. THANK YOU AND THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!
  2. Hello, I’m sorry I don’t wanna be annoying, but my game has been crashing since. Yesterday on my iPad... I don’t wanna delete the ark app.. I’m afraid to lose my progress since I can’t really save it to my iCloud... is there something else I can do besides delete the app, or is that my only option?
  3. I’m also on level 100 and I can’t seem to beat it on single player mode. (Mobile) Which single player mode is all I ever play. It’s super difficult. I think they should make it a tiny easier for the single players. It’s almost impossible and yes, it can be frustrating and not fun.
  4. Also, there’s weird thing happening since the update. I was walking on the island on single player and a dart thing that are found in the dungeons hit me out of nowhere.
  5. Hi, just wanted to say that ever since I entered the dungeons, my God mode doesn’t work on the Island now, we’ll mostly the invulnerable button. Please fix. Thanks
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