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  1. Why the hell do you want a god console in dungeons lmao Dungs are fkin easy on their own, just becoz you can’t run them properly doesn’t mean you have to cheat inside of them lmao I don’t even have god console and I’m still running dungs every single day on Hard SP after started playing for 2 weeks Lmao someone just wanna cheat in every aspect of games
  2. LoL if you say you can’t get past it with SP, you just didn’t try hard enough. I’m solo-ing dungeons everyday in my hard difficulty SP and got some goods out of them, like free 50-100 black pearls per run or free premium items (2-3 per run). And fyi, i’ve just started playing this SP for more than 2 weeks. Just build your base on top of the volcano, farm metal like crazy, get yourself at least 2 set of good stats flak, a good sword/pike (both is best), a good crossbow/compound bow, and a raptoring good pump shotgun (for medium-hard difficultly i meant). Then there come foods, 3x cant
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