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  1. Still no fix on my end. The owner of Host Havoc had said he put a ticket in with WC and he'd keep me in the loop, but that was near the end of April and I've heard nothing since. Based on this thread, it still sounds to me like our specific issue is a host problem, but they just point the finger at Wildcard. As far as I'm concerned, it's a fairly game-breaking issue, so I've taken a break in the hopes that enough complaints will produce a solution. It sounds like the issue on official is slightly different, but certainly within the same mound of crap. Host Havoc users seem to be sharing the exact same problem though, where it isn't only the item you move in/out of Ark Data that disappears, but rather it deletes the item AND everything else currently uploaded. I'd love to come back and try out the new map, but I think it's safe to assume the problem will persist there too
  2. Just out of curiosity, a question to those experiencing the issue on unofficial servers. Do you know which hosting provider (if not being run on a private box) your server is using? We use Host Havoc for ours. Trying to find some sort of commonality between these cases, outside of just Wildcard being Wildcard, since we can't do much to fix that.
  3. Aannnnnd now it's happening with creature uploads as well. Just lost our farming dinos in upload. What a time to be alive!
  4. It seems to be almost completely random too, as we've tested as many aspects of it as we could think of. Sometimes it poofs after only a few items, and other times we can hit the upload limit, but then it even happens in the reverse, with the Ark Data disappearing while taking things back out of it. Obviously losing a slot cap of whatever resource you've just spend a significant amount of time gathering is a huge problem. Haven't had an issue with uploading dinos in the Creatures tab, but any cryo going in the Ark Data is likely to go bye-bye if you dare upload so much as a narcoberry after it.
  5. It had definitely happened prior to that, both on my current cluster and at least one other, but not nearly as often. It's only been in the last week or so that a LOT of people have been experiencing the issue consistently.
  6. Ark Data Disappearing While Adding Items Information on this bug seems pretty scarce, so I'm looking for some extra community input here. This is on unofficial servers, but it's been noticed by multiple people on multiple server clusters. Not sure if it's an official thing as well. When moving an item from player inventory to the Ark Data (via terminals/obelisks/etc), all items including those already in there and the latest one moved over simply disappear. Not recoverable from the map you uploaded them on, or any other in the cluster. They simply "POOF". You can continue to upload new items, but they get deleted again after every half dozen or so. is there an actual fix for this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  7. Valguero Rock Golem Transfer Is it intentional for us to not be able to transfer golems tamed on Valguero to other servers? Have tried both with cryo and upload. Upload just turns it's name grey in the download menu, and renders it non-downloadable on other maps, or even back on Valguero. It's just stuck in the upload forever now. With cryos it just gives me the "Cannot Deploy" message with no amplifying information. Again, it's stuck in the cryo no matter if I go back to Valguero with it or not. Anybody else had this issue? Or did I simply fail to read some official word regarding it?
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