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  1. Ok lad your miss hearing me. I didnt say they should enforce it and I didnt say nothing that Wild Card should hast to anything I'm asking for them to do something and I ask for ideas on stopping this for happening to other players and so far (no offence) all the ideas I've read so far doesn't fix nothing, the servers still up, and other players will still be forced to deal with servers like that, and it doesn't matter if it's there server. They stole my friends 10$ and if you didn't know this already. That's a Crime and that should be fixed. Don't argue saying thats it's there server and there rules, cuase there are rules of owning a server and admin abusers don't recognize them at all, I'm not telling WC to fix it I am suggesting it to them, don't try to make me look like the bad guy cuase it's seems like that to me
  2. Ok I see what your saying but ima tell you what I told the other guy. More and more of these servers with abusive owners are poping up, and I'm did not say its Wild Cards Fualt at all I'm saying is that there are ways to stop admins/owners to be abusive on there own server. Ive been on servers were admins threaten other players life and that isnt not good at all. I get that I can warn others abought these servers but those servers will still be up and running till the owners of the server take it down. And that can be never. And idk if you think you know when you said "Wild Card Has nothing to do with it" like bruh I didnt say that this is WC fualt at all all I said was that WC has many wayss of fixing this admin abuse as well, I didnt say they should and I didnt say they shouldn't but still something needs to be done and I'm trying to get other players to help with this problem. I'm trying to make sure that ark servers dont get all replaced with abusive admin/owner servers that steal your money and not get punished for it. Ima leave it at that
  3. Ok I see what your saying but tell me this would you like to go in a server get your friend online to play with you stay there for like...4 months but always keep on getting picked on by admins, I know that its there server but it there job to make sure that the server is not abused, not Admin wiped for framed meshing that they did, my friend. Paid 10 bucks on dinos on that server and he didnt get them he lost 10$ and what the owner told us is that the money my friend gave to the admin he bought dinos off of spent it on freaking flip flops....witf? So I get that Wild Card does not have 100% controll over this but there is still much for them to do, and I know admin abuse when I go threw it, so listen I get you my dude but this is unexceptable. Idgaff if its there server they doing admin abuse makes it look like every owner can do it and not get in trouble for it, in not demanding nothing from Wild Card at all I'm just asking that they try to do something at least.
  4. Admin Abuse. How Do We Stop It? So I recently just went threw a abusive server, it's a boosted server and well not much to say abought it at all, my friend that was on this server realy liked it but was banned becuase of corrupted admins and the owner and that got me to wonder What is Wild Card doing to stop this? So to answer the question realy quick, Nothing, Wild Card isnt doing Nothing. Now befor yall get trigerd and upset and Wild Card ima stop you there and tell you not to get that upset with them at all. Wild Card is fixing many problems of ark like glitches, over Powers dinos, meshing all that stuff and is also now working on 3 new maps and one was just anounsed not to long ago. But still WC can't do much with admin abuse servers so all I can say is that. Nothing much to do But however Wild Card can fix this in many ways but will take time so I rather let them take there time then spam them abought servers even tho I realy would like for the server to get shut down for the BS they put me, my friend who got me to say this and his tribe/friends. So if you have any ideas of what to do with abusive servers I would like you to suggest it to Wild Card, any idea from others will help them make the Game better, if you want me to tell you what server I was on that has admin abuse and owner abuse just ask me (btw the server is an ps4 server)
  5. Ok so I get your point on this and I see what your going for, but if were all being honest WC spends alot of time and has spent alot of time and will always spend alot of time on trying to make the game as good as they can, adding new content does make them money but also gives us new things to do rather then just tameing a brontos for an HR for 4 days strait...the point is That Yes WC does have alot of things to fix like glitches, meshing, Admin Abuse in both boosted and normal servers but they can only do so much in a little time. Plus meshing is almost 100% imposible to fix cuz theres just to many ways to do so but thts not the point the point is that this will make ark much more fun but will haft to be fixes along the way so how bout you stop talking mad s### for no reason and thank WC for what there doing and trying to do for us now.
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