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  1. Let us craft shotgun shells without having to craft simple bullets first Make it so we can directly craft shotgun shells instead of having to craft simple bullets first. Just make the metal and gunpowder costs equivalent to if you had to craft simple bullets first. We dont have to craft casings (as an example) for bullets so why is it essential to go that extra step for shotgun shells. Small change but big improvement
  2. Remove rex roar drag weight limit I've just been informed that the rex roar has a drag weight limit of 200. I think at the very least that there should be no limit against fliers as there is no counter for someone on a rex to knock a wyvern out of the sky. Overall the rex roar isnt a game breaking mechanic and it would just make the rex slightly more viable then it currently is. Wyverns will still have the advantage of picking, but it just means that there will be a slight risk if they attack a rex rider and will still be able to retreat if it comes to it, whilst the rex has no chance of retreat if they are not near turrets/flying allies. I know that a lot of people will just say "dismount and shoot the wyvern" or "cryo the rex and run" or something similar, but this is a dinosaur game and I'd prefer to try to eat it with the rex rather than run away or resort to not using the rex. Also reapers can land all of the fliers, but people have no trouble picking the riders off of them. I don't understand why they would put such a great addition towards the rex, and then put a limit that makes no sense on it
  3. Thanks. I guess ill move my suggestion of removing the drag weight to the suggestions section
  4. What is the drag weight limit on the rex roar? I'm just wondering what the drag weight limit on the rex roar is? I thought that it was solely level based and found myself at a potential disadvantage while fighting someone on a wyvern yesterday as i tried roaring them down to eat them to no effect. I guess my next question is why give a drag weight limit to the rex roar poop ability anyway? Its a great counter for a land based dinosaur to flying creatures which always have the picking advantage.
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