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  1. Yes there's bugs and glitches in this game and pretty much every other game that's come out in the past 10 years and if that's all you focus on that'll be the limit to your gaming experience. But if you look past it you'll find the better qualities of the game and possibly make new allies and friends along the way. Ark is unique from other survival games because of it's dinos and your ability to make those dinos OP or keep them as is and build structures with there own unique designs and qualities. Other games like Overwatch are also buggy, look at the Hammond glitch going on right now. Or Destiny 2 buggy with it's weapons and glitches that keep happening when doing strikes and raids. Fortnite with its glitchy at times weapons or not being able to load into the game to jump 100% of the time. Call of duty games with its buggy weapons and grenades. I mean we can keep going on and on. But looking past all of that you find the creators looking to correct the mistakes, finding the bugs and working on them, companies attempting to listen to the complaints and trying to figure out ways to correct them. They may not be doing it at the pace you want it at but they are doing it never the less. Wanna fix the problem? Learn what program they use anf apply for a job, help them. The more you rag on them the more time they gotta take to address your problems instead of the games.
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