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  1. So I've brought this up many times... and still no answer. Basically whenever you land a pteranodon it takes 10 seconds for it to even start regaining stamina, which is understandable. The problem I have is that if it takes ANY damage within the 10 seconds from landing, the timer seems to reset and take another damn 10+ seconds... why?... And as soon as a bug hits your ptera after you land, the ptera is good as dead. Since the bug is literally inside the pteras head hitting it you can't kill it without killing the ptera, who can't regain stam since the bugs hitting it. So naturally you whistle neutral to let the ptera deal with the measly bug, right? But then the ptera starts losing whatever stam you landed with as it slowly flies directly up in a straight line away from the single bug, draining even MORE stamina from landing. Then you watch as your pteranodon slowly ascends upwards whilst losing stamina and dying every second to that one single bug. This makes 0 sense, which is why i'm reporting it as a glitch/bug, because I honestly think it is a glitch, why else would you pteranodon not be able to kill 1 damn bug? Why dose it slowly fly upwards untill the bug kills it? All while losing the little stam you landed with? Why can't it attack the bug AT ALL unless you ride it manually, which it won't let you if it's on 0 stam from the bug(s)? All of it makes no sense, I've posted about it before but got no answers, so I hope this will be replied to. Thanks.