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  1. Day count for each map as of 2021-06-06 Aberration: 19973 Crystal Isles: 7813 Desert: 7955 (Offline since 2021-06-02) Extinction: 20525 Genesis1: 10721 Genesis2: 70 Ragnarok: 23818 TheIsland: 23773 Valguero: 11910
  2. Here are the steps you need to perform with the most-likely causes 1st: #1 - Ark Server needs to be offline (not running) when you perform an update. #2 - Make sure the disk is not full (including the location where TEMP files are written) #3 - Look at the actual "version.txt" file where Ark is installed to get the real version number downloaded from Steam. #4 - Make sure the account that runs the SteamCMD has full write access to all files/sub-folders where Ark is installed. #5 - Check your disk for errors / failures. NOTE: If using Ark Server Manager, the releas
  3. Greetings! I have been working on documentation on how to install Ark dedicated server on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS and would like some feedback on what I have done so far. It is about 95% completed and when I'm at 100%, I will wipe my server again, follow the dox and ensure I did not miss anything, fix typos, permissions / sudo, etc. I did not want to use the various managers out there so I set off to run everything myself with no hidden 3rd-party code anywhere. I also know this does not cover every possible way of running Ark. I wanted to maintain a cluster of servers in s
  4. FYI - I will be dumping all my excess blueprints I have been hording into my mailboxes on Ragnarok @ 68 x 23. Y'all will have a few hours to peruse through them and after that, I will cull the herd and feed them to the gachas to get the amount of blueprints in the mailbox back down to a manageable size. There are about 1,500 BPs available right now
  5. Base decayed on TheIsland. Remaining goodies placed into 9 unlocked tek storage. Public teleport destination named "Base PARTY" and transmitter setup for easy transportation. Lots of eggs for kibble, dust, shards, metal, hide, black pearls, etc. First come, first serve. Anything not collected will be deleted after a few days. Coordinates = 41 x 16 Enjoy, LHammonds
  6. Took 2 megatheriums into the alpha spider fight....and won! Best megatherium so far has 253 levels melee and 185 in health before XP leveling.
  7. Phoenix are mainly useful to low-level players as a utility: smelter, food cooker, food preserver and light source which is NOT affected by storms. I do not know how to "prevent" the storms but if those commands are not toggles, I suppose you could schedule them to run via rcon every minute. I use Super Structures mod (or S+) which the electrical storm does not affect the mod variant of the electrical generator. I did not find any Windows-based RCON utilities that were designed for non-interactive use. Only found one for Linux but I'm modifying the source code to be more usefu
  8. Sure would be nice if the maps with zero players on it reduced CPU/RAM as just a normal feature. I will have to look at how much bandwidth is consumed when a player is connected next time I am on my Linux server. The main things to count per person would not only be down/up bandwidth but also RAM consumed but I imagine these are variable based on what the player is doing, how large their base is and how many dinos they have around them. You can see exactly what ports are in use on the server with this command: lsof -i -P -n | grep Shooter When running that command, it shows t
  9. FYI - Going to be doing an alpha spider fight on the Island today. Anyone is welcome to join at your own peril.
  10. Do they provide backups for your data? Do they provide the ability to restore said backups? If so, transfer the backups from the old to the new server and restore it. This assumes you are not changing platforms such as from PC to XBOX. If your provider does not provide backup/restore features, gotta wonder why you are paying for the service. At the very least, I would want to transfer the saves to my PC to verify I can play them locally if/when you no longer have access the hosting company.
  11. If your client crashes while connected to a server, it will take a few minutes for the server to realize you are not there. So if you try to re-connect immediately, you will get that message about you already being online. It is usually faster to just wait and re-connect than it is jumping onto the server console and issuing the kick command. I know because every time someone reports this problem to me while I'm on the Discord server, they are usually back in before I can kick them. That's my experience regarding this. Don't know about your other questions.
  12. Here is a process to fix ownership/permissions of a Linux server (such as Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS) that works for me. Let's make the following assumptions (adjustments to your environment may need tuning): Root folder where all Ark instances are installed = /opt/ark Shared cluster folder = /opt/ark/cluster Custom Bash scripts and utilities (rcon) = /opt/ark/scripts User Group = arkgroup (ark users are members of this group) Install/Update user account = arkinstall (has write access for all of Ark) Runtime service user account = arkservice (has read-only
  13. I also have mailboxes with free skins, blueprints, custom recipes and gear.
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