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  1. Doing another update / verify of the servers this morning and they are downloading 9,000,955,428 bytes each. The event is now active on the 1st map I updated so far and no "activeevent" command was used. The version number also did NOT change with this 2nd update either. It is still showing 305.13. EDIT: Confirmed for all 6 maps in our cluster. The 2nd update/download was exactly the same and did not increase the version number but the event is active now.
  2. @Cedric We are not seeing the event activate for v305.13 for unofficial dedicated Windows server cluster nor on an Ubuntu Linux server. I can see the holiday items in thr cooking pot on single player, but not on the 305.13 servers. Also tried adding "-ActiveEvent=vday" and even "-ActiveEvent=LoveEvolved" but no joy. EDIT: Here is a post that is collecting all the reported info about the event not starting: LHammonds
  3. That was a typo...cooking pot is what we checked.
  4. Same issue here. Running a dedicated Windows server with 6 maps. Updated to v305.13 at noon today as soon as it released and did a dinowipe but no event colors showed up. Then we noticed the holiday items are not in the cooking pot like normal. Events have always activated and deactivated automatically up to this point. Tried adding "-ActiveEvent=vday" but that did not work. Also tried "-ActiveEvent=LoveEvolved" and also did not work. EDIT #1: I can start a single player game and I see the holiday items there. Client is version 305.12. EDIT #2: I spun up a Linux server and updated it to 305.13 and it too does not have holiday items in the cooking pot. I have no mods on the Linux server. EDIT #3: Here is a good summary post for this topic:
  5. We updated our dedicated cluster of servers to 305.13 and started them up but the event does not seem to be active. Do we have to manually add "-ActiveEvent=vday" now? It does not say on this page: https://ark.gamepedia.com/ARK:_Love_Evolved Also checked this page and it only shows "vday" but wonder if it was secretly changed to "LoveEvolved" https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration#Command_line_arguments EDIT: Still cannot seem to get the event to activate. Tried the "-ActiveEvent=vday" and even "-ActiveEvent=LoveEvolved" but we still see nothing in the cooking pot for holiday items.
  6. Still seeing this problem. We are on version 304.443 and people are complaining about chibi's losing their XP at just about any level. Level 5, 4, 3, 2 does not matter, at any point it can reset back to 1 and on any kind of chibi. One player said he had a chibi that reached level 5 (and was almost to level 6) but his implant is currently showing chibi level 3...which should be 4. I personally put on an argy and leveled it all the way up to 6 and it never reset on me. I rarely took it off and I never uploaded into the data slot. I do not know how to replicate the issue people are seeing. LHammonds
  7. Updated Features and Known Issues sections. Day count for each map as of 2020-01-20 Aberration: 7372 Desert: 5497 Extinction: 8812 Genesis: N/A (Not yet released) Ragnarok: 12195 TheIsland: 12118 Valguero: 4399
  8. Another secret update apparently. Servers updated last night to 304.441 but patch notes still show update from a few days ago for 304.44 As a server admin, the patch notes here on your official forums is the 1st place I go to see what has changed on the server so I can convey what changed to my players. Please keep the patch notes updated...even if you do not want to say what was changed, please at least acknowledge there was some kind of update such as a fix, change or addition.
  9. Thank you for this. I look forward to seeing this implemented. I wished there was some way we could "save" the stat/color of our favorite dinos on one server and re-create them on another (where we have access to admin commands). Like an "export / import dino" ability.
  10. LHammonds


    I don't carry a canteen anymore. I drink element dust (5 element dust recipe for food/drink)
  11. And let's not forget the massive Area of Effect that this massive amount of damage can lay down for gigas.
  12. Patch notes out of sync again with reality. Now say 304.22 is current server version but 304.3 is current.
  13. Update your Patch Notes for PC (v303.5) Version 303.5 for the server has been out for a while now and your "official" patch notes still says current server release is 303.1 Even if you did not want to say what was in 303.5, at least mark 303.5 as being current. EDIT: Patch Notes updated for the 304.1 release (but noticed you kept 303.5 changes a mystery.)
  14. Classic Flyer's Harpagornis added to Ragnarok snow forest biome spawner.
  15. Replaced the mod called "Super Spyglass" with "Awesome Spyglass" for better functionality.
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