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  1. Finished combining stats for level 319 Reaper King: H41 M53 ST42 W54 F39 O43 SP46
  2. Finished combining stats for level 284 Unicorn: H41 M46 ST40 W43 F40 SP38 O35
  3. Just finished combining stats for my Basi line. Level 311 Basilosaurus: H47 M47 ST42 W48 F41 SP44 O41
  4. Just finished up my line of Battle Sheep! Level 315 Ovis: H50 F41 ST46 W41 M52 SP43 O41
  5. Reapers were just allowed to breed using a mutator in the SuperStructures mod so that is my next dino I'm breeding now.
  6. Just finished mutating a level 1355 Shadowmane!
  7. We started the Turkey Trial event early which currently just allows taming the event colors: TURKEY TRIAL COLORS 01 Red 09 Light Brown 14 Black 15 Brown 17 Dark Red 20 Dino Dark Red 35 Dino Darker Grey 36 Dino Albino 56 NearBlack 69 DarkViolet 70 DarkMagenta 71 BurntSienna 72 MediumAutumn 73 Vermillion 75 Orange 77 LightAutumn 80 MidnightBlue 82 BlackSands 81 DarkBlue
  8. Here is a dino I now have for boss fights and general usage: Level 1268 Megatherium: H253 M253 ST253 W252 F253 O2 SP1 t took a little over 8 months of breeding mutations to get 5 stats maxed out on a dino that takes 2 days to mature and 1.5 hours to gestate on a 5x server. Each stat is about 55 mutations which is at "least" 55 times the mutation pulse was fired off (SS Mutator) which is at least 550 element and about 1/3 the time switching the baby gender to male which is about 20 times (another 200 element). So its about 750 element per individual stat for mutation. Each one consu
  9. Consumable stack sizes modified. No extra mod required.
  10. FYI - We will be modifying 100 more items (mostly consumables) to also stack 5x more than the original stack size. No extra mods needed.
  11. The following increased from 1 item per stack to 5: Raw Prime Meat Raw Prime Fish Meat Raw Mutton Honey Nameless Venom Wyvern Milk Day counts for each map as of 2021-08-15 Aberration: 21594 Desert: 8990 Extinction: 22450 Genesis1: 12391 Genesis2: 1722 Ragnarok: 25477 TheIsland: 25439 Valguero: 13508
  12. The total amount of items in your inventory, total amount of free skins (even if "give default items" is disabled) and total amount of engrams learned affect this issue. Imagine that each engram is a physical item. The more you have, the more inventory room it consumes. Unfortunately, there is a max limit which you can exceed and you see this error. So, if you want to xfer items to maps, I would recommend taking a mindwipe tonic and do not re-learn any engrams until your move has completed. If you still get a buffer overflow with a full inventory (test with inexpensive items first
  13. Well, this has to be due to a mod or .ini changes. This is not problem that vanilla settings will produce.
  14. If you got it to work using a VPN, that should tell you that it is your VPN that is blocking one or more ports. Try using non-standard ports. If that does not work, only other option is VPN or a different ISP that does not port-block.
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